Multiplex movie theater to be established in Tallinn

  • 2000-01-06
  • By Kairi Kurm

TALLINN - The largest Estonian film distributor, MPDE, is planning to
build a multiplex movie theater in Tallinn in the near future. The
modern complex will comprise 11 movie theaters with a total of 2,000
seats, and bars and shops.

According to the agreement signed between a construction company
Merko Ehitus and MPDE on Dec. 17, the total cost of the multiplex
theatre is 160 million kroons ($11 million).

The construction costs account for about 120 million kroons. MPDE is
planning to complete construction within one year and sell at least
700,000 tickets annually.

The architect of the project is an Estonian Andri Kirsima. The
construction work is done with the cooperation of the Finnish movie
theater chain Finnkino.

MPDE sold 90 percent of its shares to Finnkino in spring 1999 in
order to finance the construction of the multiplex theater. Film
distributor MPDE earned 6.5 million kroon profit from the sales of
33.3 million kroons in 1998.