Science museum open for investigation

  • 2014-07-03
  • From wire reports

ELECTRIC: Estonian prime minister Taavi Roivas, museum director Kertu Saks and Eesti Energia CEO Sandor Liive at the museum opening

TALLINN - On June 13, the renovated Energy Discovery Center opened in Tallinn, in an old power station; the museum will be home to over 130 new interactive ‘hands-on’ science exhibits, reports LETA. The 101-year-old building housing the discovery center was renovated with support from Enterprise Estonia and Eesti Energia.

The center, located inside a unique industrial heritage site, is mainly focused on natural, technical and physical sciences. As the center’s exposition has been created according to the national curriculums of primary and secondary education, the discovery center will also offer many possibilities to make the learning process more exciting to students. A dome with a diameter of ten meters has been built for the planetarium, which will introduce to the public astronomy and space projects carried out by Estonian scientists.

An island of lightning is being set up in the main hall, which will collect all exhibits specializing in making electricity visible. The sound exhibition will allow visitors to see and feel sounds. A part of the exhibition introducing lime scale mining will feature an authentic 1.4 ton tram from Viru mine, a gift from Estonian energy company Eesti Energia. The family center will have over 3,000 square meters of space.

The discovery center will open seven permanent exhibitions in fields such as energy, classical physics, sound and optics. Temporary exhibitions will also be housed, the first of which will be about geometry and mathematics. The center will additionally open a birthday room, a teachers’ room, physics classroom and a seminar venue. Visit the museum at Pohja pst 29 in Tallinn.