‘Sardinian friends’ is a bridge between two countries

  • 2014-07-03
  • From wire reports

“Congratulations to all of you and I hope for a long and beautiful friendship,” said Antonio Zucca, president of the newly established association called ‘Sardinian friends’ as he greeted the audience at the opening event this May. The main purpose of this organization is to carry out a variety of cultural exchange promotion projects, to provide support for local communities and assist in business cooperation.

‘Sardinian friends’ is already working in Finland, so the experience of business project management and cultural exchange possibilities will be transferred to Lithuania in the near future. “We are very satisfied in having the possibility to show for Lithuanians that Sardinia is not only a good place in the Mediterranean for a lazy vacation, but also a place where you can find real ancient history, feel and touch culture by yourself and maybe even start living or doing business here too,” announced Zucca. The founders of ‘Sardinian friends’ invite all those who are interested to visit their Lithuanian site: www.sardinijosdraugai.lt