Company briefs

  • 2014-07-03
  • From wire reports

Creditors’ claims against the defunct Liepajas metalurgs have amounted to 200.1 million euros so far,
the company’s insolvency administrator Haralds Velmers told the business portal The total
amount of the claims is 200,163,468 euros, including 114,839,710 euros claimed by secured creditors, and
85,323,757 euros by unsecured creditors. In total, four secured claims, 128 unsecured claims and 1,837 employee
claims have been filed against the company, Velmers said. The creditors had to submit their claims
during a time period of six months since the company was declared insolvent, or until May 13. Since
Liepajas metalurgs went bankrupt, about 160 investors have expressed interest in taking it over, with confidentiality
agreements signed with 26 prospective investors.

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A study carried out by Business Software Alliance (BSA) has revealed that in 2013, 47 percent of software
installed in personal computers in Estonia is not properly licensed, reports Postimees Online. Those
computer users who use licensed computer software say that their principal reason for doing so is fear
of security risks entailed in malware, particularly hacker attacks and loss of data. “Estonian enterprises
usually do not involve themselves in administering their software, and this means that they are not properly
aware of what is going on in their computers,” said attorney Kaido Uduste, representative of BSA in
Estonia. “Thus, those using unlicensed software are placing themselves at great risk, financially as well as
business-wise,” he added.