Do enjoy Latvian-produced food

  • 2000-11-23
By Elina Cerpa

RIGA – "It will probably take a while, but we'll beat imported products that now dominate Latvian shops," Latvian manufacturers declared in unison Nov. 20 in the final stage of the campaign "I enjoy Latvian-made food," promoted by the supermarket chain RIMI and Radio Skonto FM 107,2.

For two weeks all over Latvia, RIMI stores offered discounts for Latvian-made fare, and producers were able to present their latest foods. Radio Skonto FM asked people to call in and name their favorite food.

Beer brewers Piebalgas Alus, fish canning factory Kaija, food processing cooperative Latvijas Turiba, bakeries Vidzemes and Lacu Maize, meat packer Ruks, dairy Lutz and other food enterprises took part in this year's campaign. With more than 1,000 people calling in, the response was twice as high as last year, the cam-paign's organizers said. The food processing cooperative Latvijas Turiba won the popular vote with its condensed milk candy known as Gotina (Baby Cow), which was named as the best product made in Latvia.

The cooperative makes 11 different kinds of Gotina candy. With 40 regional branches throughout the country, it is one of the largest businesses, biggest tax- payers and employers in Latvia.

"Some of the world's best products are made in Latvia. Our food is natural and unadulterated, so we have to speak about our products more in order for them to become more popular," Latvijas Turiba president Ivars Strautins told journalists.