Learn the story behind the famous Laima chocolate

  • 2014-02-05
  • By Annemarija Grasmane

RIGA - All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” That is what somebody, probably pretty wise, once said about chocolate – a sweet that we cannot imagine our lives without. Chocolate has always been with us; in darker and in brighter times, it is a part of our lives and hopefully will continue to be.
Like the best-known Latvian chocolate Laima, a brand that is rich in history and continues to warm thousands of hearts (and stomachs) with its great flavors today.

This year is very special for Laima chocolate. At the beginning of the year, they re-opened the “Chocolate Museum of Laima” after renovation work, and there have been major construction and digital improvements to increase the quality of information given to visitors of the museum. It is located in one of Riga’s most interesting areas – on Miera Street (in English – Peace Street). The name perfectly describes the street.
Now, let’s imagine an early sunny morning, you have just left home and are on your way to work. Suddenly the most wonderful smell in the world hits you! The smell of fresh, warm chocolate that is about to be made into delicious treats for both younger, and older, sweet lovers.

The sweets by Laima are made in the Miera Street building where, since ever since 1939, delicious treats have been concocted. Since the beginning of January, a shop and cafe opened where anyone can go and find their favorite “Laima” sweets production. The shop is next to the entrance of the Chocolate Museum. The museum itself is a completely new journey, which will not leave anyone uninterested. Created in very modern methods, involving technology but still succeeding connecting it with the “good-old days,” Laima’s Chocolate Museum tells its story to all visitors.
Not only the history of Laima’s success, but also the recipes of Laima’s famous treats, like its marzipan, truffles, zephyr, are explained and shown at the same time in videos, as well as the story of the cocoa bean, how and where cocoa was discovered, how it was brought to us and even all the tiny details of roasting beans in order to make the great and tasty product, chocolate.

But what would a museum be if there were no legends told? Legends of one of their most famous chocolate candies? Or the story about one of Riga’s best known meeting places – the Laima clock located near the Monument of Freedom? That is part of Laima’s rich and extraordinary tale as well.
There is much new to learn, much new to see and experience, especially for the young visitors. To make it even more interesting, it is possible to make the excursion there even more exciting by tasting, creating your own chocolate and sweets at the “Taste Laboratory,” which adds special feelings, incredible smells and a lovely atmosphere, to make the visitors’ journey even more special.

If you seek more information than already given, there is the opportunity to watch a 30-minute-long movie about Laima’s story, available in Latvian, English and Russian. It will tell you all the facts and stories about the real people, those who have been, or even still, are part of the enterprise, and show how the treats are made in real life. The story will take you to a completely new world of knowledge about candy and is guaranteed that, after watching the movie, or even the visit itself, you will crave some of the brand’s delicious products.

While there, it also possible to try samples of milk or dark chocolate in liquid form, offered from a friendly staff member.
Not only fun, but also very educational, this trip to the museum can also can turn out to be one of the fondest and warmest memories. To experience these surprises, go and see for yourself.

For more information visit www.laima.lv , or go to Miera street 22, Riga.