Keep the bums out

  • 2013-07-12
  • From wire reports

Ainars Slesers

RIGA - Ainars Slesers, one of Latvia’s so-called oligarchs, is the former politician that Latvian residents would least want to make a comeback in politics, according to a survey carried by the Public Opinion and Market Research Center, reports LETA. Only three percent would support Slesers’ return.

Four percent would support former Prime Minister and another so-called oligarch Andris Skele. These two politicians are seen by many as the center of many of the problems, and corruption, in the country.
Seven percent is the support for former Prime Minister Einars Repse.
Two percent is the level of support by those who believe that Slesers, Skele and Repse all should return to Latvia’s political arena. Six percent have no opinion.

Seventy-four percent believe that none of these politicians should make a comeback in politics.
Slesers went into politics at the end of the 1990s by establishing the New Party, which later became Latvia’s First Party and then an association of Latvia’s First Party and Latvia’s Way. The latter failed to clear the 5 percent threshold after the 10th Saeima was dissolved and the 11th Saeima was elected. Shortly after that, Latvia’s First Party/Latvia’s Way was liquidated. Slesers has recently indicated he is looking at a political comeback in Latvia.