Scissor Sisters introduce their Magic Hour in Riga

  • 2012-08-22
  • By Sam Logger

SPICE OF LIFE: When speaking of variety, Scissor Sisters has it all.

RIGA - The world is full of variety. May it be just ordinary life, or in the entertainment industry, variety has always stood on the threshold producing almost anything one has been hoping for. Music is part of this diversity. The New York band Scissor Sisters has previously entertained listeners with their scandalous and unpredictable ways, and they plan on doing it once again as this glamorous band visits Riga, promoting their new album at the Palladium concert hall on Sept. 16.

Formed in 2001, Scissor Sisters has conquered and strengthened their position. Integrating glam and pop-rock, disco and electronic music, the band has defined its style as attractive and bright, where the stage is a tool of the performance and where the song is the framework to understand the inner world of the emotions. Scissor Sisters are not afraid to be provocative, if that demonstrates the confidence and belief in everything they do.

Arguably it is what speaks to the audience, letting their music be appreciated and loved. Smash hits like “Mary,” “Take Your Mama,” “Fire with Fire,” “She’s My Man” and “Only the Horses” indicate the band’s unending desire to popularize its sound, which has led to many collaborations with international music superstars such as Depeche Mode, Kylie Minogue, U2 and Duran Duran. The single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing,” co-written with Sir Elton John, from the album “Ta-Dah” has given them their own momentum, capturing not only the hearts of millions, but also getting notable recognition in the form of three Brit Awards: International Group, International Album and International Breakthrough.

The newest product, “Magic Hour,” released in 2012, has a playful and experimental twist, and it cannot be said it has not paid off. Working together with the likes of Diplo, Calvin Harris and Pharrell Williams, the band deepens its world, inviting everyone who wants to be a part of it in. Thus, the Palladium concert hall, which celebrates its one year anniversary, seems to be the correct place to showcase this advanced music theory, filled with outstanding melodies and an electrified atmosphere.

Scissor Sisters is a band of ambitions which are implemented in their music. They simply beg for admirers. The band thrills with variety, and brings far more than just the biggest section of the music industry with it. What is their advantage? They can act as the hit of the season, where the public disappears in the patterns of the beats, melodic pathways and inexplicable arrangements which do not sound as something extraordinary, yet occupies the listener’s mind quite well.
From their last visit during the Positivus festival in 2010, the band has left the impression of being amazingly natural, easy going and fun. Moreover, memories of their previous appearance can be so vivid and emotional that they serve as one of the most important aspects in the decision to buy a ticket. Scissor Sisters treat the audience as another member of the band, and this common sense marks the concert as one big party for those who want to relax and have a good time, just what every respectable birthday celebration intends.

So be prepared for the “Magic Hour,” because the more you enjoy it, the more you will remember it! Scissor Sisters will light the torches and guide you through their kingdom of music, letting you shake your legs and hips. Additionally, do not forget to prepare by playing all of their albums before the show, to receive the best dose of delight, as it may turn out that even their variety has underrated them!

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