Lithuania to swap food for fuel

  • 1998-10-15
VILNIUS (BNS) - The financial crisis in Russia has forced its government to barter fuel for Lithuanian food products.

An agreement between Lithuania and visiting Russian prime minister's adviser Yurij Malyshev on barter exchanges was reached Sept. 30 .

After meeting with Malyshev, Lithuanian state Chancellor Kestutis Cilinskas said both countries had an interest in implementing the agreement as soon as possible.

"Russia is short of money to pay for food, and we need their fuel," Cilinskas said.

According to Cilinskas, Eastern Russian regions, especially the Komi Republic, will be sent food products from various Lithuanian companies. In exchange, Lithuania will receive anthracite, oil, petrol and lumber.

Malyshev said he came to Lithuania because of the stable situation in the country. Lithuanian firms working in Russia have not "run headlong" from that country, but rather sought opportunities for further cooperation, Malyshev added.

Upon returning to Moscow, Malyshev promised to draft an outline governing the volume of barter exchanges before the end of this week.