An ice show beyond imagination

  • 2012-05-10
  • By TBT Staff

SPECTACLE ON ICE: Cirque de Glace presents its version of the history of the world.

RIGA - The brilliant Russian ice stars combine with the magical world of the circus in an eclectic mix of spectacle and ice dance that is guaranteed to dazzle, thrill and entertain all ages. If the creation of the world was shaped by fire and ice, then so it will be with Cirque de Glace, an ice show beyond imagination.
For their only performance in the Baltics on May 26 at Arena Riga, Cirque de Glace will bring to life the story of the creation of our planet, man’s evolution and a journey to the limits of technology as a stunning ice spectacular “Evolution.”
Creative director Julian Deplidge said the show, which brings to life the story of the creation of the Earth, features world class skaters.

“These are some of the best ice skaters there are. Many are world class performers from the Olympics,” he said. “As well as that our choreographer was responsible for the opening ceremony at the Winter Olympics and our lighting designer did the lighting for the closing ceremony at the Beijing Olympics. “We have a very, very talented and creative team.”

Cirque de Glace features famous Russian ice skaters who are renowned for their skill, speed and ability on the ice. And British performers associated with the show include the likes of John Hamer, who is a former British Junior and Senior Champion, and who has been skating for well over a decade.
“When you go to see a show at an ice rink you can end up at one end, a long way from what is happening. Those at the front can be just two or three metres away from former Olympic skaters and can feel the wind in their hair as they pass,” Deplidge says.

Act one is a world in formation. Magma flows as a volcano erupts and landscapes are formed. As the volcano splits, it reveals Earth taking her first breath, as a voiceover tells the story of our existence. Tribal communities form and rivals clash to the drumming of Stafford performer Joe Blank’s archaic beat.

Act two takes the audience into the outer universe and Man’s excessive drive for progress; he breaks away from Earth and consumes the new idols of money and industry, having a detrimental effect on natural resources.
The renowned Russian Ice Stars skate on boundaries that most would consider impossible. The discipline and agility is spellbinding and exhibits some of the finest performances in the realms of ice dancing.
Throughout the spectacle, a wave of breathtaking gasps and heart stopping cries are heard as the acrobats swing from hoops hanging from the ceiling, twist and turn into silhouettes that defy physical limits and fly effortlessly across the stage, attached only via a rope and each other.

A giant sphere symbolising Man’s greatest invention, the wheel, encases a young female skater as she spins the wheel virtually flat and by sheer strength, spins it upright again in one fluid movement.
It leaves you breathless in amazement questioning the immense skills of the stars, and your stomach heads south with anxiety for them.

A pyrotechnic display and an explosive festival of fire, Cirque de Glace is entertainment for all ages. As the finale suggests, the Earth does not belong to Man. Man belongs to the Earth.

Combining dazzling ice dance from the internationally renowned Russian ice stars with the world of the circus, made famous by Cirque du Soleil. “Evolution” promises a thrilling, breathtaking experience filled with music, color, incredible costumes and jaw-dropping acrobatics to give you an evening of pure entertainment that’s out of this world!