Italian musical legend performs in the Baltics

  • 2011-11-30
  • By Sam Logger

RIGA - When we talk about music we evaluate how it speaks to us. Is it able to reach our deepest cells and make us believe it is what we have been waiting for? Obviously these are the questions which correspond to this art! Yet, we also want music to be powerful enough for us to remember it many years after. We want music to be emotional, explosive and diverse! Drawing this to a conclusion – there are some men whose music lives no matter what age is outside the window! One of these legends visits Riga on Dec.15 and Lithuania from Dec. 17 – 22 to give an insight to his impressive musical career. The name of the legend is Toto Cutugno.

The singer and songwriter Toto Cutugno is without doubt a symbol of Italian music, full of the expression and intensity. Born in 1943, this man has written some of the most outstanding songs of all time, many of them known internationally, promoting the Italian language as the most romantic language in the world. The 1980s are arguably Cutugno’s success period, releasing one superb hit after another. The smash hit “L’ Italiano,” released in 1983, is a world-known track which has ensured him never-ending recognition and the public’s love. There is also the Eurovision participation in the bag for Toto, when his entry “Insieme: 1992” about European unity outshone the other songs of the competition in 1990 and went home as the winner.

Cutugno’s voice cannot be forgotten. Once you have heard this husky sound everything you want is to have a replay button to repeat and relive the emotions and soulful vibrations which come out of his songs. Melodies are performed in the simplest way possible, although it makes you feel like there are not comparisons who can add the same level of joy, easiness and expression to their creative works than Toto does. He stands out because he owns an amazingly addictive voice, and it can be due to an unknown Italian gene which has shined for Al Bano and Eros Ramazzotti as well. Yet, alongside this addictive voice Cutugno has achieved something more – the romantic stage personality which makes ladies smile in delight and gentlemen envy the portrayal of emotions.

Still, while Toto Cutugno has written his name in the music industry with unerasable ink, his artistry is sometimes related to classical popular music, the one which saw the golden times from the ’70s - ’90s. Today the main target audience for Cutugno is probably people over 30 who can address themselves to the pieces of “L’Italiano (Lasciatemi Cantare)” and “Serenata.” The environment of music has changed, and there is a bigger necessity for a sound to be technically improved for playing devices, such as radio and MP3 player, where the emotional involvement moves to the background. But why is Cutugno’s concert a great role model of how to attract the public with live performances? He puts an emphasis on the power of music, rather than leaves it all in the hands of a grand show. Through the years Toto has created a wonderful stage image, and his concerts in the Baltics will prove if he still has what it takes to control the audience.

He may sound out-of-date, and his songs may be blamed for being similar! He may be stuck in the past where his golden years can be found! Nevertheless he carries a fantastic musical aura which is clearly seen for those who appreciate his creative heritage, especially if we talk about the ballads. Moreover, his concerts offer Toto Cutugno’s best pieces of his repertoire shining in a different light – in new arrangements where the symphonic orchestra is going to play as a supporting band for the artist. Additionally, this concert is basically the best pre-celebration musical event that will be seen in Riga.

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