Get ready to be instrumentally evoked

  • 2011-11-24
  • By Sam Logger

SHAKEN: Instrumenti sets out to explore new musical sounds.

RIGA - The sounds of music memorialize the world around us. They start drawing the lines of a lifetime, and end up creating a place for everyone who wants to look deeper into their feelings.
Is there music which determines new goals to explore the magnificence of sound? Yes! One of these bands is Instrumenti, which has shaken the melodic grounds inside Latvia and out, and they are preparing to give their biggest performance on Dec.10 when they invade Arena Riga.

When Instrumenti debuted in 2009 with the song “Life Jacket under Your Seat,” nobody knew their true identities. The guessing game took off as Instrumenti did not bother to appear dressed up like pandas, their suit of identification, portraying themselves as a multi-national community which wants to make music. The gamble was successful, while those who were familiar with the repertoire of another Latvian band, Cosmos, had already noted the similarities between the vocals of the lead singer in Instrumenti and one of the Cosmos members, Janis Sipkevics. Chart stunner “Apest Tevi” proved this preconception was right, although all masks were dropped only at the end of 2010.

The band is formed by two musicians: Shipsi, who answers for keyboards and vocals, and Reynsi, who controls the drums, keyboards and vocals. Both are also members of Cosmos. The duo state that “their sound is a mix of indie-pop and experimental electro, while their vocal versatility ranges from beat box to operatic counter tenor.” Their musical approach has let them warm up international stars like Mika and James Blunt, and the performances have entertained admirers in France, Germany, Russia, the U.S., Iceland and more.

Releasing their debut album “TRU” in 2011, the band has established its name as one of the leading Baltic music acts, and rightly so! Obviously, Instrumenti is the most extraordinary band to have recently captured the stage. They have come with an attitude of being completely dedicated to their understanding in music, without the necessity to be musically readable or correct. They experiment in styles and tunes, and it feels like the band enjoys it.

Instrumenti are called one of the shiniest European bands in electro indie-pop, and the proof of this is heard in the musical arrangements, which can be tracked in the easiness of “Zemeslodes” and the innovation of “Lie Down.” Yet, they hardly conquer the charts of the main European music industries. Still, they are believed to be the new-comers which are tough to forget. While those big musical platforms provide a significant amount of musical pieces which lack depth, Instrumenti remains original and musically polished. They stand out because of a willingness to live every sound they play and feel every word they speak.

Moreover, they are so keen to overstep the standards set in Latvian music that Instrumenti are not obligated to obey any of the rules defined anywhere else as well. It is some sort of Instrumenti world, where music lays beneath the understanding and opens perceptions based on pure emotions.

An Instrumenti concert is considered to be a must-see performance, as the two previous concerts in 2010 were not only sold out, but also recognized as one of the most brilliant events of the musical year in Latvia. However, it must be noted that the band’s music is always accompanied by a show, and they say this tour will not be an exception. Therefore, this concert is more like entertainment than intellectual involvement. Yet even a possible light show or video projections cannot ruin the musical personality that Instrumenti offers. Even more, the concert is perfect for those who are curious in hearing something different.

Instrumenti will perform at Vidzeme Olympic Center in Valmiera on Nov. 26, Liepajas Olympic Center in Liepaja on Dec. 3 and at Arena Riga on Dec.10.