Piano virtuoso comes to the Baltics

  • 2011-09-28
  • By Sam Logger

TO TALLINN WITH LOVE: Richard Clayderman brings his musical portfolio to town.

TALLINN - He is a legend who makes audiences hold their breath while he sits at the piano. His name does not ask for an explanation anymore. Richard Clayderman is one of the most successful pianists, with his arrangements being soulful and emotional. And now his new program, “From Paris with Love,” visits Tallinn on Oct. 9.

It is obvious that Clayderman is a special one in music, as his name usually appears to be called out first when talking about piano maestros. And that is understandable – the artist’s father had worked as a piano teacher and, hence, introduced the love for this musical instrument to his son at a very young age. The aspiring musician became a part of the piano class at the Conservatoire of Music in Paris, and graduated with excellence. He was foreseen to be a great classical pianist, yet he decided to focus on contemporary music. 1976 has to be noted as the breakthrough year for the future star. He auditioned for a place to record a piano ballad, which was written as a dedication for the composer’s daughter. Names behind the record were French producer Olivier Toussaint and his partner Paul de Senneville.

The artist got the job, and transformed from Philippe Pages, which was his real name, into stage icon Richard Clayderman. The dedication, titled “Ballade Pour Adeline,” outclassed all expectations – selling 22 million copies in 38 countries – and the ballad made Clayderman an international sensation.
Since then the numbers have been keen on increasing. The talent and eagerness to work hard have driven Clayderman to world renown. During 35 years of his musical career, the artist has sold more than 90 million albums, recorded more than 1,200 melodies, received 267 Gold Discs and 70 Platinum Discs, given over 1,800 concerts all over the world and certainly become the most recognizable act in French music, proving that the piano is a valuable instrument in the field of contemporary music as well.

The new program, “From Paris with Love,” confirms the professionalism of the pianist again. All visitors are invited to dive into the melodiousness and easiness of the musical pieces which cover Clayderman’s artistic portfolio. The concert promises the most beautiful and romantic melodies of the artist’s repertoire – obviously, pieces that every admirer of the pianist wants to hear. Besides, he definitely has a wide range of music to choose from, as Clayderman has released dozens of albums which are full of fantastic melodies.

Still, it has to be said that the musician has not given up on classical music totally, despite the fact that he is more known for his contemporary pieces. His career has put him in the shoes of classical composers, too, and Beethoven is one of the examples. Thus, there is no need to think that Clayderman is contemporary only. Moreover, he basically invites classical pieces in the popular music, showing his audience new interpretations of music in general. Additionally, his fingers gladly play ethnic music or soundtrack arrangements also promoting the piano as the universal instrument.

So a chance to hear a wide variety of music is the best reason why Clayderman’s concerts are so interesting. Another reason to go and see him includes the possibility to enjoy high quality piano music by an artist who is probably the most suitable person who has ever sat down at the piano.
The last, but not least, reason why attendance is advisable is a mix of entertainment and relaxation you will get at the same time. The artist owns the ability to address our deepest emotions, and everyone who finds piano music amazing will be satisfied with the performance by this master.

This is music which comes from Paris with love. It means perfectness in every sound, tunefulness in every melody. If it is all accompanied by the charismatic pianist in the face of Clayderman, the concert will obviously be worth watching.
Before the concert at Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn on Oct. 9, Clayderman will perform for Latvia’s residents and guests on Oct. 6 at Riga Congress Hall.

For ticket information visit: www.bilesuserviss.lv or www.piletilevi.ee