Taxis under scrutiny

  • 2011-08-10
  • From wire reports

VILNIUS - Fair Taxi, the public campaign for the evaluation of taxi services, launched by Vilnius International Airport (TVOU), is already reaping its first fruits, reports news agency ELTA. Passenger feedback has been delivered to Vilnius City Municipality and Vilnius County State Tax Inspectorate, the airport says.

“Until now we used to receive a large part of the complaints of passengers dissatisfied with taxi services in the form of rumors. The unfair conduct of certain taxi drivers in respect of passengers has gradually shaped a negative public opinion on taxi services in Vilnius Airport,” TVOU Managing Director Tomas Vaisvila says.

“Thanks to the campaign, which enables our direct address to passengers, we have the opportunity to receive official feedback and to produce an adequate reaction,” he said. The passengers are invited to leave their feedback on the ride from/to Vilnius Airport by a taxicab on a Web site which has been in operation for several weeks already.
Taxi companies are also invited to contribute to the campaign by attaching the stickers with a link to the Web site for service evaluation.

The first responses received from taxi passengers in the course of the campaign have already been passed over for consideration to the Traffic Organization Division of Vilnius City Municipality and Vilnius County State Tax Inspectorate. Vilnius Airport expects to continue the Fair Taxi campaign until the end of the year. The initiative is expected to bring positive contributions to the market of taxi services and to enhance the image of the capital of Lithuania.