Is this the man you have been waiting for?

  • 2011-05-04
  • By Sam Logger

SENSATIONAL: Vitas, a YouTube wonder, brings his show to the Baltics.

RIGA - As soon as he opens his mouth, the audience is filled with excitement. Some do not believe their ears; some wonder how this could happen. Vitas is an artist who constantly surprises his listeners. And it is a major honor for him to be called the biggest sensation in the world. Certainly Vitas deserves it.
And now, promoting his new solo program “Sleepless Night,” Vitas comes to the Baltics.

Born in 1981, the wonder kid early on showed his interest in music. Though having Latvia-related roots, Vitas was raised in Ukraine, and today he is considered a Russian pop singer. His first grand entrance in music was in 2000 when his song “Opera No. 2” dazzled with its falsetto parts. By now, Vitas’ performances of this song have been watched more than 8 million times on YouTube.

However, this is only a small part of the artist’s success. He has more than 100 million records sold world-wide, it says on his resume. Everywhere Vitas goes, he is followed by stunning emotions and media coverage. In the end it is the audience who exclaims ‘Bravo!’

Vitas is not just an ordinary name on the musical stage. Being portrayed as the man everybody has been waiting for, he has become widely known mostly because of the high-pitched notes which he sings, with enviable easiness. And, arguably, his falsetto has to take the biggest credit for his success. Yet, admiration for Vitas has evolved because of the working ability he owns. Every performance has been appropriate to his artistic status and hence it has let Vitas gain a fan base not only in Eastern Europe, but also in North America and Asia.

Nevertheless there is a necessity to step back a bit. The likes of Vitas are often found at opera houses or academic choirs or ensembles, where singers of such range do the same exact thing. But Vitas has chosen, obviously, a much more profitable musical field – popular music. Thanks to his vocal ability, he has arranged well-known tunes like “Ave Maria” and “La Donna Mobile,” making them sound contemporary. Thus, it is sometimes very hard to even determine what style Vitas will choose for any of his songs as he mixes pop, jazz, folk and dance music altogether, and surprisingly it sounds phenomenal.

Do not doubt Vitas’ capability to engage your mind with his. People who want to hear something relatively different from the songs which are played on the radio will not be disappointed! And even a smaller number of people who fancy modern opera (the merger of the classical and electronic approach) will not leave the concert dissatisfied. Vitas’ enthusiasm is enjoyable and his creativity mostly pleasant. If it wouldn’t be so, we would not have seen this artist’s involvement in songwriting and acting, praised by the critics. His acting skills in the historical film “Hua Mulan,” filmed in 2009, were highly approved by the director Jingle Ma, and it is possible that other film projects will be offered in the future.

Moreover, Vitas experiments in other artistic fields, too. One of these fields is clothes – not only does he design his own costumes, but also releases clothing collections.

Despite other projects, Vitas’ main triumph is still his music. Sometimes these falsetto notes rasp in the ear, but more often they overwhelm with emotions. This is where you feel that music is really magical and that it owns indefinable power, which lets us, the audience, look a bit deeper in the art.
Vitas has said that “every song is a little life,” and no one can disagree. So maybe it is now the best time for us to learn to read the music with the help of a great artist!

Vitas will perform in Estonia on May 13, in Latvia on May 15 and in Lithuania on May 16.