Baltic tourists ride out Egyptian turmoil

  • 2011-02-01
  • TBT Staff

Deadly protests have erupted all throughout Egypt, but no Baltic citizens have yet had to be evacuated.

CAIRO - Tourists from the Baltic states that have been caught in the widespread protests and political unrest that has swept Egypt seem for the most part unwilling to cancel their trips and eager to ride out the difficulties in the region.

"An evacuation is not considered… The majority of Lithuanian citizens are tourists, so we will discuss possible actions with travel companies,” Lithuania’s Ambassador to Egypt Dainius Junevicius told the Baltic News Service.

Lithuanian tour companies have jointly begun sending a number of empty planes that will be on stand-by, though they do not expect any people to want to cut their trips short.

Indeed, Latvian companies report that of the more than 400 tourists currently in Egypt, none have yet requested to be evuated. No tours have yet been cancelled.

Estonian tour companies Estravel and Novatours, however, have both cancelled their upcoming trips to Egypt. Visitors to the country have said that their tour operators are continuing to do everything possible to ensure their safety.

"Our hotel had male staff, all with clubs in order to protect tourists. And in general, and other people's hotels were willing to help... All was done in order to tourists it was safe," one female tourist from Estonia told the Delfi news portal.