How to keep hair healthy?

  • 2010-12-08
  • Interview by Irina Pantelejeva

STAYING HEALTHY: Choosing the right tools for hair care can help determine the type of hair and check its condition.

During winter time our hair suffers from the temperature differences indoors and outdoors. Dyed hair and hair exposed to the procedure of a perm are particularly at risk. How can you return the elasticity and shine of hair, restore its structure? The Baltic Times tries to find the answer to this question with the help of Tatyana Rezviha, the owner of the Riga salon “Fleur Jums.”

- So, what is the proper way to care for hair?

- If your hair is healthy and not subjected to staining and chemical wave, then a really effective means, oddly enough, is its proper washing. Washing does not remove the “natural lubrication” from hair, does not cause loss of hair and at the same time it gives a feeling of cleanliness, grooming and freshness. Most modern shampoos are suitable for frequent use, which allows reaching excellent hair conditions.

The structure of the hair rod is effectively restored by shampoos, which contain milk proteins, vitamins, fruit acids. Shampoos based on plant extracts (Henna, Chamomile, Nettle, Burdock, Ginseng, etc.) will give your hair strength and durability. Shampoos with lecithin significantly strengthen the hair, make it luxuriant. Of course, using correct shampoos is not enough to give your hair a healthy look. It is necessary to use hair conditioners, and, if necessary, hair masks based on essential oils and placenta.

However, any means of hair care should be selected according to the type of hair. There are three types.

Greasy hair. Typically, people with greasy skin have greasy hair. Hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands is the reason for untidy hair. Such hair should be washed frequently, as the fat collects a large amount of dirt and dust. Do not use very strong shampoos and rinse the hair after washing with specifically designed means for greasy hair.

Dry hair - thin, brittle and split at the tips. The activity of the sebaceous glands is low and there is not enough natural lubrication to keep your hair in good condition. This hair does not require frequent washing, but it is useful to massage the scalp and to use a conditioner-softener regularly.

Normal hair - it’s shiny and healthy - the result of balanced work of the whole body and of good care for it. Such hair needs regular washing with a good shampoo as soon as it gets dirty.

When washing your hair you need to follow some simple rules:
•    Never apply shampoo on your head straight from the bottle - be sure to distribute a small amount in palms and only then apply to the hair.
•    Do not leave the shampoo on your hair and scalp for a long time.
•    Massage the head and hair carefully, rinse thoroughly.
•    The water used for washing should not be too hot or too cold.
•    Avoid frequent blow-drying.
•    Comb the hair when it is slightly dried, using a comb with blunt, rounded teeth that are not very frequent.

All means after washing are designed to create a soft, acidic environment on the hair surface and to neutralize the adverse effects of detergents that are contained in all shampoos. In this weak acidic medium the hair surface becomes smooth, reflects the sun’s rays differently, which is why the hair begins to shine. This is not the only thing that masks, hair conditioners and similar products do. Particles of various substances in their composition penetrate into the soft hair fibers and remain in them, nourishing and moisturizing. In addition, conditioners, for example, thanks to special additives ensure quick and harmless hair drying, without taking the necessary moisture away.

- What should one do if hair splits and electrifies?

- Yes, electrification is one of the important issues, which sometimes makes us lose our patience. To solve this problem, you should wash your hair with warm water and rinse with cooler water. Many conditioners have components that neutralize static electricity of hair in their composition. You can also use special means of hair care: various mousses and gels, besides fixing, have an anti-static effect. The means that hair should be distributed in a thin layer over the entire length of hair, and then you can comb and form your hair.

Your comb also matters. It’s better to use wooden combs and combs made of natural materials so that your hair does not electrify. You can also use pink or lavender oil as an antistatic agent, it is enough to drip a few drops on the comb. In addition to antistatic action, the oil will have an impact on the hair, giving it an attractive sheen and a pleasant smell.
Split ends are the most common problem that occurs due to excessive dryness and moisture loss. You can use hot scissors to “solder” the ends of hairs, but if you are against such a procedure, then use such hair care products that nourish and moisturize your hair and cut off split ends every month.

There are also such means that contain silicone. Silicone glues hair from root to tip in order to avoid burdening the hair, and the effect lasts for about two months.
The cause of split ends can be drying your hair with a dryer, so use it as seldom as possible.

- What can one do if the hair has lost its elasticity, become dull, thin and tangled?

There are means that contain keratin and are very effective to solve such hair problems. To understand how they work, let’s look at the structure of human hair.
The core of the hair or the medulla is a soft sponge. It is covered with a fibrous sheath - the cortex, which gives elasticity and strength to hair. The fibrous layer consists of a balanced ratio of moisture, protein, keratin and minerals. This equilibrium is often violated, for example by exposure to heat, chemical perms, dying, and then the hair loses its elasticity and it should be restored.

The outer layer of hair is composed of overlapping (like tiles) cuticles. This is a protective layer. Healthy hair is characterized by a smooth, tightly closed surface. It provides extra shine and easy combing.
Studies have shown that the area of hair, which lacks keratin, is easily penetrated by moisture. Consequently, the hair becomes weak and loses its elasticity, firmness and volume, it becomes brittle. Case in point – bleached hair. Due to the chemical process of bleaching, the hair is not only deprived of color pigments, but also keratin and, respectively, their structure is damaged.

Keratinization completely changes the hair. Organic means for hair with keratin are applied to the head and, using a special sealing technology, treat and restore the hair (usually done in hair salons, note by TBT). For wavy, lifeless, thin, damaged hair, straightening with keratin is like a new birth. Molecules of liquid keratin are absorbed into the texture of the hair, strengthen and enrich them, at the same time providing protection against the harmful manifestations of the environment. Moreover, the hair regains its strength, natural shine and softness. The procedure of treatment of hair with keratin is held for several hours, and its effect lasts for up to four of five months.

To reach the maximum results, after completing the procedure it is recommended to do further hair care with the help of special means with keratin (keratin shampoo and conditioner) to secure the effect and duration of treatment.
At the end of our conversation, I would like to say the following. The most effective means for the health of hair - is a healthy lifestyle. To avoid all possible problems, you need to have a balanced diet, have regular physical exercise and enough sleep, because during sleep the hair roots get nourished.