The Land of Health - Grand SPA Lietuva

  • 2010-12-02

When there is winter outside and the weather does not treat us with warm days and cloudless skies anymore, it is always a pleasure to find yourself in a “paradise” where you are surrounded with care and attention.
This “paradise” can be found in the Baltics: Grand SPA Lietuva will offer you not only recreation, but also qualified treatment.

Grand SPA Lietuva is the largest health and recreation centre located in the Lithuanian resort town Druskininkai, which is situated at the confluence of the rivers Nemunas and Ratnycele. It is the southernmost town in Lithuania, and is well-known for its saltwater springs and mild and warm microclimate.
The main activity of Grand SPA Lietuva is to keep up the old treatment and wellness traditions of the Druskininkai resort, as well as to assist guests in restoring their physical health and strengthening the spiritual forces.

Hotel Complex

The modern 4 star Druskininkai Hotel was opened in 2004. The hotel offers a total of 50 spacious single and double rooms, as well as junior suites, suites, and presidential apartments. All rooms are individually designed. Not only can you relax   by watching TV or enjoying the mini-bar, but also take care of your business left outside the hotel: each room has a work place and access to the Internet. The comfort in the room is supported by adjustable air conditioning and heating systems, ventilation systems with an incoming air heating function, heated bathroom floor and blackout curtains. In the warmer months you can rest on the terraces that offer a panoramic view of the green center. The terraces are available in many mini-suites, suites and presidential apartments.

In Druskininkai Hotel you can also use some additional services: leave the car at a protected parking lot, order laundry and cleaning services, rent a bike or a car, order flowers and book tickets or trips.
The complex Grand SPA Lietuva also includes a new Lietuva *** Hotel with 179 single rooms, double rooms and suites. For those who are having a vacation with the family, it is possible to stay in special rooms that are connected to each other.

There is a lobby bar with a wide range of drinks on the ground floor of the Lietuva Hotel. You can view the surroundings of Druskininkai without ever leaving the hotel, you only need to go up onto the roof of the building where the restaurant “Four Winds” is situated.

SPA complex and the treatment center

“Health and beauty are the foundation of human well-being, providing the joy of life and self-confidence” – such is the belief of Grand SPA Lietuva.
This is why they offer a full range of SPA and medical procedures, as well as recreation programs for health and beauty that last from one day to one week.

The treatment center Grand SPA Lietuva is one of the largest in the Baltic countries, and it offers comprehensive treatment services of health improvement and rehabilitation all in one place. The advice from doctors and modern diagnostic facilities can help you to find the answers to painful questions and to choose from over one hundred different procedures that are needed for a specific person, which will help to regain your spiritual balance, cope with an acute exacerbation of a chronic illness or undergo a rehabilitation course after injury.

Grand SPA Lietuva treatment center specializes in the treatment of oral diseases, heart, lung, gynecological diseases, and diseases of the spine, joints, intestines and digestive system.
For these purposes, there are some advanced treatment and new generation SPA technologies introduced in the treatment center:

* A pressure chamber, where during a session the body is saturated with oxygen, which is vital for every human. Oxygen treatment is especially beneficial for patients with lung, blood vessel, heart, and kidney diseases. It is also effective in patients with wound healing problems. Furthermore, this treatment is recommended for patients with excess weight, as well as for fighting premature skin aging, depression, and fatigue.

* Therapeutic gymnastics in a vertical bath with mineral water. This is an excellent procedure used for diseases of the spine, and it also relieves stress. An experienced specialist – kinesitherapist – keeps track of the procedure and shows you how to perform the exercises correctly.

* Jogging in a pool with a glass wall. Provides an opportunity to monitor the parameters of the body and determine the level of complexity of the program. While running you are overcoming the resistance of water, so this running track is a very effective tool for those who want to get stronger physically, lose weight and get rid of cellulite.

* Cryosauna, where one procedure is enough for a human body to lose 500 to 2000 calories. In temperature conditions that range from -110 °C to -140 °C one can not only burn calories, but also improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and prevent allergic reactions.

* Steam capsule with color and aroma therapy to reduce stress and fatigue. Under the influence of steam the body produces sweat, which is immediately washed off. The computer program of the steam capsule allows you to relax completely. The detoxifying anti-stress programme activates the immune system, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin making it more elastic, improves metabolism, removes toxins and fights cellulite.

* Mud applications on the gums and hydromassage of gums are used for the treatment of periodontitis. This effective procedure strengthens swollen, bleeding, painful gums and returns a sparkling smile.
Only natural mineral water, which is brought to the treatment center directly from the well, is used for all procedures - baths, inhalations, underwater massage, abdominal procedures and swimming pools.

Aqua Park

Grand SPA Lietuva Aqua Park is an oasis where time stops and in the twinkling of an eye one forgets his everyday worries. A long swimming pool and a pool with sea waves, a serpentine mountain river, the force of a waterfall and warm whirlpools, all this helps to regain energy and forces.
An exceptional therapeutic effect and great pleasure can be experienced in a pool with mineral water and in 5 different types of baths, which includes the eastern bath - hammam, designed for individual procedures. And “Sunny Meadow” is a unique artificial beach with dunes and real sand will warm you up after water exercises.

Conference Center

The conference center of Grand SPA Lietuva deserves to be mentioned separately, because it is connected with the 3 and 4 star hotels, the treatment centre and the aqua park. The participants may combine the work conferences and other events with wellness procedures and entertainment, and so perfectly combine work with pleasure without leaving the complex. The specialists of the complex can offer the best combination of services for the organization of work and rest, and at the same time guarantee the privacy and isolation from external noise, stylish and comfortable surroundings and good service.

Leisure Club “Sukuris”

Leisure Club “Sukuris” is a great place to have fun with your family, celebrate different holidays and corporate events. You can have lunch or dinner or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the cozy cafe facing lake Druskonis. In addition, there is plenty of entertainment: Russian and American billiards, bowling and slot machines. There are three tennis courts equipped for those who prefer active recreation.

What to do in Druskininkai?

It is clear, that if you want to visit the Grand SPA Lietuva and stay there for a week, sooner or later you would like to leave the hotel. You can believe that there are very many places to see in Druskininkai. Without a doubt, you should go to the Soviet time park named Grutas, which was officially opened on April 1, 2001. Until now, no museum or other cultural institution has tried to collect or properly exhibit Soviet relics, whereas in Grutas Park there are monumental sculptures, guard towers, fragments of camps and other things that remind of Siberia, situated on an area of 20 hectares. There are 86 works of 46 authors exhibited in the park. Such a large concentration of monuments and sculptures of ideological content in a single outdoor exposition is a rare and, perhaps, even a unique phenomenon in the world.

In the forest museum “Forest Echo” you can enjoy the beauty of nature, and in the Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture and Leisure Park you can get acquainted with the works of Lithuanian artists. In the city museum you can visit the Gallery of Vytautas Casimir Jonynas and the memorial museum of M. K. Chiurlionis. And in the art gallery «SOFA» you can have a good look at the paintings of Lithuanian artists.

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