ZZS agrees to ministry division, new cabinet takes shape

  • 2010-11-01
  • TBT Staff

Uldis Augulis was given the high-budget Transport Ministry from his former position at the head of the Welfare Ministry.

RIGA - The Greens and Farmers' Union (ZZS) has agreed to the division of ministries proposed by leading coalition partner Vienotiba and has put forward its own candidates for the remaining ministerial posts.

With both parties now in agreement, the new cabinet is near finalized. ZZS initially complained that it had not been given any of the "high powered" ministries - such as Foreign Affairs or Justice - but eventually agreed to the plan.

ZZS won just under 20% of votes in the October elections, giving the party a total of 22 seats. Vienotiba took slightly more than 31%, winning 33 seats. The two parties will have a slim majority of 55 seats in the 100 seat legislature.


Transport Ministry - Uldis Augulis
Health Ministry - Juris Bardzins
Welfare Ministry - Ilona Jursevska
Agriculture Ministry - Janis Duklavs (incumbent)
Environment/Regional Development - Raimonds Vejonis (incumbent)
Education Ministry - Rolands Broks


Prime Minister - Valdis Dombrovskis (incumbent)
Parliamentary Speaker - Solvita Aboltina
Foreign Affairs Ministry - Girts Valdis Kristovskis
Finance Ministry - Andris Vilks
Economy Ministry - Artis Kampars (incumbent)
Defense Ministry - Artis Pabriks
Justice Ministry - Aigars Stokenbergs
Interior Ministry - Linda Murniece (incumbent)
Culture Ministry - Sarmite Elerte