Vilnius to host fireworks fest

  • 2010-08-25
  • By Rokas M. Tracevskis

VILNIUS - The fireworks festival Vilniaus Fejerija (“Vilnius Extravaganza”) will start at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 3 in Vilnius’ Vingio Park, which has capacity for tens of thousands of spectators. Tickets can be bought via  or call +370 650 999 65 for VIP tickets. Standing and sitting places are still available.

The festival’s main program will be an international competition of three fireworks’ companies: Orion-Art of Russia, Grom Zbig of Poland and Magic Fireworks of France. All three participants of the competition are leaders in fireworks shows in their countries. Orion-Art organized the firework show of the New Year’s celebration in Red Square in Moscow. Magic Fireworks presented their shows during the wedding of the Moroccan king in Marrakech, the closure of the Asian Games in Shanghai and concerts of such superstars as the Rolling Stones.

The three participants will draw straws to decide the succession of their shows. The competition will be in three stages. The first stage: a show under the recorded sounds of the Cancan, played by Vanessa Mae. The second: a show under the national music of the participants. The third stage: a program of free choice of the participants. Viewers will be able to vote via mobile phones. They and the special commission will have a 50 percent share each in deciding the final outcome of the competition.

Before the fireworks competition, a concert by the best Lithuanian pop bands, Skamp and Skyle, will be on stage. Skamp has Erica Jennings, who is undoubtedly the best English-language vocalist in Lithuania, while Aiste Smilgeviciute, vocalist of Skyle (the band’s name means “Hole” in Lithuanian), is probably the sexiest and the most intelligent voice timbre of Lithuania. In the past, Skamp (in 2001) and Smilgeviciute (in 1999) took part in the Eurovision contests, though this was just an episode in their careers, not some goal of their life. After the competition, the show in the sky by Lithuanian fireworks company Blikas will be held.

Vilniaus Fejerija is also the opening of the traditional Vilnius City Fiesta, a street multi-art performances festival, which will be held in the central squares and streets of Vilnius on Sept. 3-5.