This Week's Gig Guide - Estonia

  • 2010-08-11

Various locations (Tartu): The main theme of the love film festival “tARTuff,” a sub festival of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, is the variations of love in different cultures and places. The festival will feature various film screenings in Town Hall Square and documentaries at the Athena Center. Before the nighttime screenings, lectures on exciting topics will be held in the Paulig coffee tent. The screenings and lectures are free for everyone! The event runs through Aug. 14. More info:
Polva Cultural and Community Centre: The idea behind the New Era Festival is to bring art and music out into the streets and taking people along through active participation (making art, music, performance etc). In the dim of the night, visuals will be projected onto the facade of the culture and hobby center, landscape architects will create a cozy atmosphere in the city and everyone is welcome to make music in the streets. Festival will be held till Aug. 15. More info:

Kassinurme hill fort: Mytofest – this is a place where  there are masters who teach and create wonders; these are bards who weave with words the tales of glory and feats of olden days; the venerable men who know of wisdom long lost; it is a song sang by the flicker of bonfire, tournaments and combats, willow-o-the-wisp in the marsh mist, eleven dance under starlight adventures; a fair of handmade goods, healing with hands and breathing of fire, words of ill and fair... Mytofest, it is a trip through time, a walk into the ancient time of a fairy tale. More information on the program available at:

Various locations (Tallinn): August Dance Festival is the biggest international contemporary dance festival in Estonia uniting performers and promoters from all over the world. This will be the 11th festival and by now it has come to be a renowned early autumn festival in the Nordic Countries and all of Europe. Current festival will focus on the future big names from Estonia and elsewhere. More info: