Paradise on wheels

  • 2010-07-01
  • By Ella Karapetyan

RAG-TOP: An impressive parade of steel and rubber beauties will grace this summer’s reunion at Haapsalu.

TALLINN - This summer the American Beauty Car celebrates its 10th anniversary, which means a special event schedule during the show this year, which will run from July 9-11 in Haapsalu. This seaside resort town, located on the west coast of Estonia, has always been known for its peaceful atmosphere. Haapsalu is considered to be one of the most beautiful resort towns in western Estonia.

The car beauty show is a place where you can find an impressive collection of exclusive and incredible cars open for viewing by the public. For many car lovers this show is the most important event of the year. The show is aimed for all car lovers, for those who really admire the beauty of steel and rubber. The American Beauty Car Show is the biggest American car exhibition in the Baltic States, which consists of car shows, reunions and a drag race, acceleration contests and just ‘cruising.’  

For the tenth time, owners of American cars will be heading to the quaint seaside resort to get together at the biggest expo of their favorite machines in the Baltic States. A wide range of cars will be on display on the grounds of Haapsalu Episcopal Castle, where both a jury and visitors will be picking their favorites. Besides the show, guests will have a chance to see different performances by well-known Estonian, as well as foreign, artists on the castle’s stage and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

The last day of the show will include the traditional speed races at Kiltsi, near Haapsalu, after a cavalcade through the resort town - the biggest of its kind in Estonia.

Inside the castle yard visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy different car shows. Following tradition, the drag race takes place on the last day of the show, where the award for the winner is $2,000.
The show has become a convenient reunion for American car fans, where everybody has the chance to admire the handwork, show their own art, exchange experiences and get new ideas. The show has become a traditional event for car builders, where they can show their newborn projects for the first time.

According to the organizers of the show, everyone is welcome to sell, exchange or just give away their excessive things from their garage. If you have some car parts that you do not need, but don’t want to throw them away, then this is your opportunity to do some stock-taking and come to the swap meet and sell them.
“As for me, I am a big car fan and I never miss any American car expos in the Baltics; this is a great show which cannot be missed,” says Sergey Ossipov, a 56-year-old Estonian citizen. “The atmosphere is always great at this show, where one can spend a really nice time.”

“I have heard much about this show; however, I have never taken part in it. But this year I am going there with my family, as my dad is crazy about cars, especially the American ones. This is also a good opportunity to visit the beautiful city Haapsalu and just spend our time there enjoying the amazing nature of this city,” says 21-year-old Brigitta Sepp.

The organizers of the show expect that it will be a real success and, despite the economic situation, will bring even more people out than usual. Just a day at the American Beauty Car show is an experience you will never forget! So hurry up, the engines are purring, and the beautiful town of Haapsalu awaits you!