The flower fairy gets invited to the ball

  • 2010-06-10
  • By Ella Karapetyan

AND THE WINNER IS...: Tallinn’s ‘Lilleball’ presents an enjoyable time in the beautiful world of flowers.

TALLINN - Perhaps every foreigner who has visited Estonia at least once, and has heard about Tallinn Old Days, the program which includes different excursions, exhibitions, plays and concerts, competitions, handicraft markets, food markets, and handicraft workshops, this year will not be exception. Tallinn Old Town Days will take place from June 5 - 13, where the visitors will have a chance to take part in different shows and enjoy the medieval Old Town and its long history.

This year all the foreign guests, as well as the citizens, had the unique possibility to enjoy the beautiful world of flowers, called “Lilleball” (Flower Ball), with the founder of the ball, and president of the international “Flower Dress” competition, Tatyana Tridvornova, in attendance. Tridvornova is a leading designer, floral artist, the winner of international competitions, a Gold medalist at the World’s Fair of Flowers in Japan, a full member of the Royal gardening society of Great Britain and the ‘Queen of Flowers,’ as the people have crowned her. Her flower shows are popular not only in Estonia, but all over the world; her name has become a brand in the floral design industry in Russia, Estonia and throughout Europe.

Tridvornova is in constant search of new sides of beauty and harmony. When taking part in her flower exhibitions one can always discover something new for themselves as her exhibits are never the same, as she is always full of news ideas. This is a person who is able to create imaginary dreams of flowers.

“As for me, taking part in the flower ball is a good and useful experience as I have never taken part in this show before. I would like to thank Tridvornova and others who helped her to organize this wonderful show. The flower ball has become very popular and has become a brand in Estonia. It’s a pleasure to take part in it. The flower show is a new experience for me. My performance is called ‘Bubbles,’ which is full of humor and fun. I think each of the performances is unique and the flower dresses are really incredible,” says Diana Arno, Miss Estonia 2009.

“We were helping florists with the hair design; we often take part in this show. The aim of the show is to use our knowledge to create beauty through floral design, and educate others to do so,” says stylist Stanislav Kobileski.
“We have a dynamic team; each supporting each other to create our works of art, to show the public our talent and to make an unforgettable show. This is a good chance for some floral designers to show their best knowledge of floral design,” says florist and the coordinator of the flower ball Natalja Mihaleva

This year Tallinn Flower Ball took place in the main square of the Old Town, where floral artists started their work  to create their delightful flower masterpieces early in the morning in the “Opetajamaja” (Tallinn Teacher’s House), where the works had to be presented to the jury and the media.
Before taking the stage, all the models had to go before the jury, which had to choose the best flower dress and the winner of the flower competition. Each florist’s task was to make their flower compositions based on the topic “Love towards Tallinn,” which was chosen as the main theme for this year’s program.

“We are happy to show the flower masterpieces to Tallinners and all its visitors. This year it is going to be an outdoor exhibition where all those who are interested in the show will have a chance to see those wonderful flower compositions and dresses, the real beauty of floral design!” said Tridvornova.
The members of the honorable jury this year were: Edgar Savisaar, Ajni Hjarm, Indrek Sarapuu, Ruslana Weber, Tajvo Piller, Beatrice, Merle Palmiste and other artists and politicians.

The flower ball was held for the 13th time in Tallinn. This time fifteen floral artists, from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia, gathered together to make the unique flower dresses and show all the guests their talent.
Aleksandr Kartozia, an experienced tailor from Tallinn who specializes in flower fabrics, took first place by decorating his flower dress with ornaments reminding us of Old Tallinn. Each of the models in a flower dress stepped on stage to original music and special choreography. The spectators saw 15 small but unforgettable flower performances, each with a different style. Some of the florists took well known heroes and characters from children’s book for their composition to make the show enjoyable for the children as well.

“Special thanks to the mayor of Tallinn, Edgar Savisaar, for supporting this project,” said Tridvornova.