Discovering the amazing world of flowers

  • 2010-06-03
  • By Ella Karapetyan

TALLINN - Flowers have played a key role all throughout human history. Traces of their usefulness can be found in various religious texts, folk tales, and myths. For centuries, flowers, herbs and various plants have given much pleasure to people of all nations, because their beauty has the unique ability to bring cheer when someone is ill or downhearted; their fragrances can be used to make lovely perfumes, delicate foliage can be used for certain medicines and foods, and pungent smells can bestir mood.

The most important function that flowers have, however, is their power to convey profound human emotions and thoughts the way no other object can. According to some scientists, the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner.

Some scientists insist that flowers have an immediate effect on happiness, a universal reaction that occurs in all age groups. They also state that flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. Studies made by scientists showed that participants felt less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers or taking part in flower shows and festivals. Moreover, some doctors claim that gardening is the best way to improve one’s health state.

Flowers are a large part of European Culture. In spring 2008, the Tallinn City Government proposed to organize an international flower festival. For that reason a temporary commission was formed, which chose the park of the Square of Towers as the location for the festival. 

The first ‘Tallinn Flower Festival’ took place between June and October last year, and proved to be extremely popular as it received over 400,000 visitors during the 4 month period of the festival.

Flower power has come to Tallinn as both local and international landscape designers show off their talent. The Flower Festival is becoming a tradition, which brings gardening and flower lovers to Tallinn from Estonia and from abroad.
Some people say that they are indifferent to flowers, but if you are obsessed with beautiful flowers and decorative plants, this is the festival for you. You can experience these beautiful flower-decorated landscapes and gardens at the show.
A garden design festival will take place for the second time in Tallinn this summer. According to the organizers of the festival, professional designers have gathered together to bring joy to people.

The themes of the festival, ‘Garden as a Paradise,’ and ‘Grandmother’s Flower Bed,’ promise to provide beauty that will be enjoyed by visitors that appreciate the traditional as well as the experimental. The gardens will be on display for four months, from May 21 to August 28.

The festival program also includes theme days, when specialists will share advice on everything from planning to photographing gardens, as well as plant markets, concerts and performances, and educational and playful activities for children.

According to organizers, in addition to local landscape designers, gardeners from abroad are also welcome to participate. The festival will be conducted along the medieval town walls located on the Square of Towers (Tornide valjak), where these ornamental gardens are created.