“Pasaules optika” presents Varilux lenses

  • 2010-05-27

Peteris Cikmacs, the development director of “Pasaules optika:” “I am very satisfied with my glasses with progressive lenses, Varilux.”

Vision diagnosis and correction centers ‘Pasaules Optika’ offer the best selling progressive lenses in the world - Varilux, from the world leader in ophthalmic lens production – the French company Essilor. Peteris Cikmacs, the development director of “Pasaules Optika,” tells about the advantages of Varilux lenses.

- For whom are these glasses with progressive lenses meant?
I would recommend glasses with progressive lenses to all people with presbyopia. Presbyopia is a natural change of visual function that develops in everyone after forty-five years. Difficulties while working with close objects are caused by the loss of the crystalline lens flexibility and elasticity, and as a result it starts to adapt slowly (this process resembles a camera, where auto-focus function is disrupted and it no longer focuses sharpness).

Sooner or later we all resort to the help of glasses. You can, of course, use reading glasses. They correct vision at a distance of approximately 30 - 40 cm. But in order to see further away, you need to constantly remove your glasses or look above them. You have to agree that it is much more convenient to be able to see equally well at all distances wearing the same glasses. This is the purpose of glasses with progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are also the best solution for those who already have glasses for correcting farsightedness, shortsightedness or astigmatism and presbyopia.

- What are the benefits of progressive lenses?
The main difference of progressive lenses is the stepless, “progressing” increase of optical power while you are turning your eyes from distant to close objects. They do not have any segments with different fixed diopters like, for example, bifocal or trifocal lenses.

Optical properties are provided through the complex geometry of their surfaces, where all the changes are very smooth and invisible from the outside. You do not need to put the glasses on and take them off over and over again: with progressive lenses you can look through the top of the glasses to see into the distance, through the central part - to see at medium distances, and through the bottom part - to see up close. And all those eye movements do not cause any discomfort when passing from one optical zone into another. Since there are no visible segments in progressive lenses, not only do they provide comfortable vision, but they are also aesthetically advantageous - they do not tell anything about your age and look like regular lenses.

- What can you tell us about progressive lenses offered by “Pasaules Optika” and their prices?
“Pasaules Optika” is a distributor of Varilux progressive lenses produced by the company Essilor – the world leader in ophthalmic lenses. Therefore, ‘Pasaules Optika’ centers can offer a full range of lenses for very good prices: from simple low-cost lenses Varilux Prelude to the latest generation of lenses - Varilux Physio 2.0, created with the latest technologies: WAVE 2.0 technology and Advanced Digital Surfacing. Different variations of the size of the pupil are taken into account in Varilux Physio 2.0, making the field of view wider and the picture clearer with high contrast even in low light.

The personalized version of Varilux Physio 2.0 lenses - Varilux Physio 2.0 Fit 360 -takes into account individual parameters of frames and the patient’s prescription, which guarantees him the highest quality of vision and instant adaptation to progressive glasses.

For all lenses Essilor uses the multifunctional coating called Crizal, which eliminates glare and false images on the lenses. The newest multifunctional coating Crizal Forte, unlike previous generations of coatings, has high resistance to abrasion and dust. Varilux Progressive lenses are made from different materials, including high index polymers and polycarbonate. Special lenses - Varilux Sport and Varilux Road Pilot – are made of light polycarbonate with very high mechanical strength and complete protection from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. These lenses are now available in ‘Pasaules Optika’ centers at a price of 115 EUR each, including special color or polarizing coating and AR coating on the inner surface of the lens. Varilux Sport lenses are made for fishing, cycling, golf or tennis, as well as for skiing with 6 different color special coatings (including two polarizing). The price of any particular progressive lens depends on the doctor’s recommendations and the customer’s wishes. In ‘Pasaules Optika’ centers the Varilux Prelude lenses cost 22 EUR for a simple lens with a hard surface, and 50 EUR for a lens with the new multi-layer AR covering TRIO CLEAN.

- Are there progressive lenses for sunny weather?
Photochromic lenses Varilux with the “Transitions” coating and the multifunctional coating Crizal provide comfortable vision in any weather. Lenses change their color to the optimal within 30-50 seconds. They block 100% UVA and UVB rays. The new special paint Xperio on VARILUX lenses can make them ideal for protection against sunlight.

- Fashion for certain forms of frames and progressive lenses - are these two concepts compatible?
Calculation and design of progressive lenses, as well as their manufacturing – are the latest advances of applied science and optical technology. Today, progressive lenses of different designs are available in the market. For example, VARILUX PHYSIO 2.0 SHORT lenses are more modern, designed for narrow frames with a wide channel of medium and near vision. Recent developments allow VARILUX to use frames of different shapes and follow fashion trends. But I must say that progressive lenses have special requirements for how and where you should buy your glasses. The technology to ensure proper placing of lenses before the eyes is very specific, and also modifies as new models appear.

Therefore, the correct manufacturing of glasses with progressive lenses can be provided only by professional opticians who have undergone special training, and regularly update and improve their expertise in this area. In ‘Pasaules Optika’ there is always a huge selection of fashionable frames that are perfect, from a technical point of view, for progressive lenses, and you can always be sure that the work on the markup, centering and insertion of lenses will be performed at the highest professional level.


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