One Concert, Many Hours, Many Emotions

  • 2010-05-27
  • By Mihai Bica

HERE HE IS!: The talented David Guetta is here to mix it up.

VILNIUS - Here he comes! Yes, he is French and at least since last year, if not before, he is officially world famous. His secret? Well, a very talented artist indeed, but let’s admit – he has been showing his talent since the beginning of the ’90s without the huge success of 2009, when the “One Love” album first came out. It is not erroneous at all to say “first came out,” because since then different versions have hit the production line, as his “One Love Tour” was conquering the world. The Australian CD mix is such an example of how changes in the compilation came along the way.

or David Guetta, this is surely not a “15 minutes of fame” kind of story, and definitely not a “one hit wonder,” and his multi-platinum history stands as proof, one example being the album “Pop Life” in 2007. What makes his work so special this time is its great ability to be an all-rounder. Clubs “pump up the jam” with his beats at the same time as public radio stations broadcast his music in the commercial break of the local news. This may seem like something one wouldn’t want to be a part of, but everything stands to prove the contrary. If information so far is too quick to manage, the story should start from the beginning, with Guetta’s debut in Paris, as a promising DJ and music producer, marked by the 1992 release of the track “Up and Away,” a very underground electro sound at a time when house music was unheard of.

By managing to bring the crowds into the most demanded clubs in Paris at the time, and joining forces with some of the greatest names that had ever hit the club scene till that moment, Guetta enjoyed every moment of his 10 year career at the turntables until he decided, in 2001, that it was time to make some new hits! How he manages to still be one of the top DJs on the planet (some say the best), it’s only for him to know and for his fans to enjoy.

One thing is for certain, Guetta somehow managed to be the sound of 2009, to such a point that everybody had one of his songs in their head at all times. Black Eyed Peas sang his song – “I Got a Feeling,” a track that seemed to be the starting point of any party, be it indoors or outdoors, underground or commercial, any type of event or festivity – and the rest of his album was just a collage of great names and voices. The first single, “When Love Takes Over” with Kelly Rowland, set the tone, and then came as a set of waves crashing in the music charts straight to number one - “Sexy Chick” (featuring Akon), “One Love” (featuring Estelle) or “Memories” (featuring Kid Kudi), to mention those that have been released so far. As a fan of the album, I should know; there are plenty of other tracks just as good and maybe soon to be released.

Now never mind the statistics that go on showing him as the most listened to artist anywhere – on the Internet, on the radio or on TV; anybody who took a chance and thought of buying concert tickets at the last minute for one of his shows will surely have some interesting stories to tell, and that is because all of his events simply manage to get sold out. From his blasting performance in Miami at the Mansion Club in late 2009, to Europe in the places that he has played so far on his newest tour, to even Dubai and Australia, Guetta is what people are demanding to see.

In Vilnius, on June 11 at Litexpo Parodu rumai, an 8 hour session of his best selections will be lifting up the people. To be part of the event, there are many choices for the audience – either the standing room tickets at 79 litas (23 euros), VIP for 199 litas or an All Inclusive package for 1,499 litas, prices which may very well rise as the moment approaches. Used to traveling to more than 200 locations per year to please the crowds, Guetta has the experience to create an unforgettable event. His secret, he says, is “sharing emotions.”