Lithuanian terror suspect to go to trial

  • 2010-05-05
  • Oskars Magone

Authorities have denied that the attack was linked to the March bombings on Moscows celebrated subway. (Photo by Alexander Savin)

VILNIUS -- The Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office has formally charged a Lithuanian woman with conspiring to take part in a terrorist act in Russia.

Lithuanian citizen Egle Kusaite, who stands accused of planning a suicide bombing, was arrested in Lithuania on October 2009 while attempting to travel to Russia. Police released the details of the case earlier this week as official charges were filed.

"Kusaite did everything she could to carry out orders; that is to go to Russia and commit a suicide bombing in a military facility,” Prosecutor Justas Laucius told reporters Tuesday.

Numerous media outlets have drawn comparison between the attemped attack and the successfull bombing of Moscow's subway system on March 31 -- a connection that authorities have denied.

“Some are trying to artificially link two unrelated events, a crime prevented by our officers and an explosion that happened much later,” media representative for the prosecutor’s office Algimantas Kliunka said in a May 4 statement to the press.

The Prosecutor General's Office claims Kusaite had links with Islamic fundamentalists form Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and the UK.

The Baltic News Service reported that the accused had been married to a young Chechen man under Islamic law, but he left her to return home to fight in the resistance and was killed in fighting.