Jurmala chef cooks up bronze medal

  • 2010-04-22

The Latvia’s national dish became the bronze medalist during the International Festival of Gastronomy in Istanbul.
From March 18 - 21, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, which is the European Capital of Culture 2010, hosted the 8th International Festival of Gastronomy.

The main aim of the festival was to bring together the best chefs from all around the world to share experiences and knowledge, as well as the culinary profession’s development in general.
Since 2008 the festival has gained recognition from the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). Chefs Competitions are held on the standards of this association. Winners receive not only medals and awards, but also international certificates.

This prestigious event attracts top chefs from all around the world.
This year representatives from 25 countries took part in the festival - Azerbaijan, Albania, USA, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Greece, Israel, Egypt, India, Cyprus, Mongolia, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, South Korea and Latvia.

In the category “national dish” chef of Jurmala restaurant “My Life,” Raisa Alieva, won third place with the dish “venison fillet served with potato and porcim mushroom bake with cranberry sauce.”
Raisa also participated in the category “National Desert,” in which the representation of traditional Latvian dessert “Maizes Zupa” (Bread Soup) was marked by the jury.

“My Life” restaurant welcomes everybody to try the world – recognized dish and many others, which are offered by its chef Raisa Alieva at Meza Prospect 49, Bulduri, Jurmala. For information please visit www.amberspahotel.lv