Questions from readers

  • 2010-03-25
  • By Anastasia Alekseyeva. School of Aesthetic Cosmetology, lecturer.

A comment to The Baltic Times Web site regarding the article “Combating cellulite.”

Author: Liene/ 2010-03-20
Nowadays body wrap is a very popular spa treatment method of cellulite, what can you say about that? Thank you.

Anastasia: The purpose of using body wraps to fight cellulite depends on individual features of a patient’s organism. There are hot or cold body wraps, a hot body wrap is used to open the skin pores to improve anticellulite material’s nutritive penetration through the skin. A cold wrap is indicated to patients suffering from cardiovascular, gastrointestinal disease or hyperthyroidism. Room temperature water is used for cold wrap to breed the anticellulite material.

The efficiency of body wrap procedures substantially rises after preliminary massage or peeling procedures. One course of body wraps is about 10-12 procedures, the result is loss of weight, leading out slags, muscle tone and skin renewal, removal of edema and varicose. Natural anticellulitis gel contains essential oils that stimulate blood circulation and makes your body resilient, flexible and easy. The body volume normally diminishes for 0,5 – 1 cm per procedure.

Therapeutic triad of Sebastian Kneip is dissolution, moving away and strengthening. As a result of temperature and polarity change of the cells, stimulated lipolysis causes an increased activity of  b- receptors in adipocytes. Temperature change of the body leads to fat decline and metabolism stimulation, though moist wraps are used to absorb basis, deleting toxic agents.

Body wraps are used on cellulite areas in the following manner:
•    Special linens are treated with algae, mud, herbal extracts and seaweed;
•    The cellulite areas are brushed evenly with one or more of these same substances;
•    The linens are wrapped around the cellulite area;
•    The affects of these substances combined with compression and perspiration lead to the reduction of bodily fluids.

Most commonly applied gels:
•    Gel with water plants assist diminishing of body volume, weight decline, decrease of appetite and level of cholesterol and glucose. Skin becomes resilient and fresher.
•    Bigarade gel removes flabbiness of skin, increases myotonus, has lipolytic and resolving action, stimulates collagen synthesis. It is also a good mean for appetite and weight decline control.
•    Rose gel burns fat, destroys severe cellulite, diminishes local fat depo, has antisclerotic and detoxicating actions, stimulates metabolism and potential physiological processes. Skin becomes young and smooth.
•    Caviar and green tea gel – stimulates cells power potential, starts rejuvenation process, increases collagen, ATP synthesis, strengthens capillaries.
•    Anticuperose gel has a bleaching and angiotoning affect, removes pigmental spots.
•    The amount of anticellulitis body wraps and their result depends on cellulite degree, age and initial volume of fabrics. You need to realize that cellulite reduction procedures are often ineffective and certainly do not produce the same type of results for all individuals.  It’s important to realize that proper dieting and regular exercise are the best ways to tone your body, smooth your skin and reduce cellulite deposits.