Publications: Latvia for foreigners

  • 2000-09-07
  • By Vineta Lagzdina
According to Farrol Kahn, author of Riga and its beaches, Latvia deserves to be one of the biggest tourist attractions of Europe. Having spent three years looking, listening, researching, and finally compiling a visitors guide, Kahn has become utterly convinced there is much about this country that deserves to be known in the wider world. Not only Riga's elegant Art Nouveau spread of architecture, but Pushkin's love in Riga, Wagner's musical contribution and escape from the city.

Informative descriptions of the natural springs and health resorts of the nearby beach area, Jurmala, are also part of this new publication.

In his visitors guide, Kahn adds the flavor of Latvian culture through outlining its literary heritage, art, music and ballet, as he takes you around the Old City, to nearby beaches and on an out-of-town excursion. There is also a delightful section about Latvian dainas (folk songs), which are as unique to Latvia as haiku is to Japan.

Riga and its beaches is more than a pocket service guide. It's carefully researched, fun and easy to follow. It includes maps and gives you all essentials. Published in the UK by Landmark in June 2000, the guide is now available in bookshops in Riga and about to be launched in the U.S. September 2000.

"With the opening up of eastern Europe, Riga is developing as one of Europe's cultural gems," said Kahn, "and it welcomes visitors."

Another recent publication which could be very attractive to foreign visitors is Latvia: The Land We Love, available in seven languages. Beautifully presented, this work makes an excellent coffee table picture book revealing Latvian values, identity, natural beauty and current developments.

It was compiled by a team of photographers, artists and designers under the editorship of Peteris Apinis and Maija Setlere. Published by Latvia's Nacionalais Apgads, it is available in English, German, French, Ukranian, Russian, Polish and Swedish.