Seven years in jail

  • 2000-08-31
RIGA (BNS) - The prosecutor in charge of the criminal case against Ainars Eisaks, former head of the Mrs. Latvia beauty pageant office charged with pederasty and sexual perversities, Aug. 24 asked for a seven-year sentence.

It is up to the court to decide whether the amnesty law, under which the sentence might be cut by half, applies to Eisaks, prosecutor Velta Zaluksne told reporters.

Defense lawyer Juris Maculskis told the press that he was worried by the prosecutor's speech and the sentence she demanded for Eisaks. Speaking to reporters after the court sitting, he said he had asked the court to acquit Eisaks as charges brought against the defendant had not been proven.

"The prosecution did not prove that he [Eisaks] had different [sexual] orientation than everybody else," Maculskis said.

When the prosecutor had delivered his speech, Gijs Rusins, the lawyer acting for the victims, addressed the court.

The proceedings continued Aug. 28.

The court sessions in Eisaks' case are held behind closed doors, but the sentence will be made public as provided for under the law.

The criminal case against Eisaks is being tried separately from the pedophilia case stemming out of operations by the Logos Centrs model agency. The court decided to hear the case behind closed doors because some of the victims were under age.

According to the charges, Eisaks sexually abused minors, but he was not related to the activities by the Logos Centrs, therefore the criminal case against him was to be tried separately.

Eisaks was taken into custody in late December 1999, the fifth person detained in the Logos Centrs pedophilia case.