The biggest spa center in the Baltics

  • 2009-11-26
  • By Darja Kuznecova

TIME FOR A DIP: The spa center's professional staff will provide you with the best treatments and service.

JURMALA - “We believe that hundreds of little things fill our life with happiness.” This is the main motto for Baltic Beach hotel. We continue to introduce our readers to the hotel with the readers’ poll winners.
Baltic Beach hotel’s history starts in 2004. The elegant and charming 5-star ‘Baltic Beach Hotel Spa & Resort’ is the leading hotel of the Baltic Hotel Group chain. It is situated at the center of Jurmala, at the Baltic seashore. The unique location in the dunes area lets you enjoy peaceful relaxation, walk among the pine trees, find amber on the beach and feel the fresh sea breeze. The price policy of the hotel is very democratic. Its large number of special offers lets everyone try its services.

The creation of the Baltic Beach Hotel spa center was based on the traditions of mud treatments and healing springs, perfected down through the centuries, as well as with the newest achievements of the spa industry, combined with the experience of the world’s leading medical establishments, aesthetic medicine and the knowledge of highly proficient therapists. Professional skills of the spa center’s team, modern technologies in combination with the latest achievements in cosmetology will guarantee a well-groomed and attractive appearance – your cocktail dress, one size smaller, will fit perfectly again in only a couple of days, your bones will recover their flexibility again and your body will be filled with new energy, strength and health.
Spa specialists strongly advise to visit the spa center doctor for consultation before starting any spa program or procedure. The doctor will elaborate a treatment course suitable for your problem areas. He will also tell you about all possible side effects of the procedures.

Spa center specialists carefully evaluate every client’s state of health, conducting their own physical examination considering all the medical documents and records presented by the client. During each procedure specialists, along with the doctors take care of the clients’ health and the positive results of assigned treatments.
Baltic Beach Spa center is famous not only for good service to the clients, but also with its unique, complex procedures with mud. One type of mud is enriched with minerals and salts - Kemeri mud. Its benefits have been known from the 18th century. Its treatment for bones and muscles is unequalled. The mud is heated to 40 degrees Celsius and then put onto the back or other parts of the body. The Kemeri mud mask for the care of all skin types contains the entire complex of biologically active substances, improving blood circulation, tissue respiration and the metabolism of cells. As a result, the skin’s resilience is restored and its tone is improved – it acquires a silky look with a shine.

The procedures with the famous Crimean Saki lake mud strengthens the weakened immune system, increases the body’s resistance to different diseases and is advised to use as a recovering procedure after long illnesses.
There are a variety of procedures with white, rose clay, which helps skin to recover and activates cell metabolism and slows down ageing processes. The spa center offers clay masks with different herbal extracts which provide aroma therapy functions – calms and relaxes your mind and body.
Baltic Beach Spa center offers a variety of programs for relaxation, body contour correction, and skin nourishing and rejuvenation.

Anti-cellulite programs are performed with a variety of procedures. One is the application of warmed wax on problem areas. It’s providing a deep thermal effect, helping in the active fight against cellulite. There are also underwater massages, thermal capsules, wraps with mud and many other specialized procedures with weight loos effects.
Skin nourishment programs are based on deep cleaning with many kinds of nourishment with the masks of alpine clay and goat’s milk. Some programs include a pearl bath with cleaning with golden powder and luffa fibers. Treatment continues with the relaxing underwater massage, followed by the multi-vitamin body wrapping.
Every season the spa center offers to clients special offers for some of these procedures. It allows people to try something new. Personnel at the spa center guarantee an individual approach and   well being, since their motto is that “Health is the only beauty we know!”