The weapon of choice

  • 2009-11-26
  • By Anton Ponomarenko

THEY'RE ALL STARS: Just can't get enough of the Pop King's music.

RIGA - Everything happens for a reason. There are very few things that do not have a purpose or do not cause any consequences. These consequences may not be so obvious, but they are always there. Anything you decide to do can have an impact on the history of human kind.

Let’s say your fridge has broken down and you need a new one, but you can’t find the one that fits your wallet, your kitchen and your idea of a perfect fridge. So after a week of keeping your vegetables and milk on the balcony (thank God it’s already cold outside), you’re fed up with that and you decide that perhaps this is a sign that you should at last renovate your kitchen because it’s been seven years since you moved in and you never changed a thing.
You ring up some unemployed construction workers, they start working for you and after their first paycheck they go to the grocery store and buy a couple of beers and a bag of Cheetos. With this  diet they may have potentially damaged their liver, jeopardized the straight lines of your kitchen and made the janitor’s life a bit worse, but they might as well have given the government that missing penny, which will allow the state to employ another math teacher in a local school. As a result, your fridge has played an educating role in somebody’s life.

These consequences aren’t always good, though. Very often if something breaks down, other things get broken and people get hurt. Sure, this also teaches a lesson to somebody (usually to the manufacturer) but it isn’t worth it.
You have to be very careful with what you’re doing, or even saying. Tell a musician that he’s talentless, and that society would benefit to a large extent if he weren’t playing, and who knows, the world might lose another Mozart, just because you like ‘50 cent’ and think that real music has to be software-generated.

I used to take guitar lessons when I was little, but all my friends thought that this was a ridiculous waste of time and have always called me 30 minutes before class to invite me to go to the beach with them. Now I can only play one short melody and regret that I was young and stupid to give up music. Anything, including the weather, can change your life in a second, so I’ve decided to take every opportunity I have in front of me. If there’s a chance to see something interesting – GO SEE IT! Don’t think that you’ll be able to do it ‘some other time,’ because there probably won’t be one. And if there is, you’ll have a chance to see something amazing twice.

I was forced to skip Metallica performing in Riga last summer and, taking into consideration how much I love this band, I was fuming when I found out that I wouldn’t be able to go. I felt distressed when I was selling my ticket to one of the greatest gig’s ever to happen in Riga. This was the result of me studying French and having to leave for the country of croissants the day before the concert. But this time I got lucky, because they’re coming back to Riga again soon.
Now you all know that the King of Pop is dead. That, being sad and everything, also had a huge impact on lots of things, the entertainment industry in particular. Apart from Michael Jackson becoming more popular now than when he was alive, a lot of people have now got a chance to show their talent with all sorts of Jackson-themed startups. It’s hard to imagine a person who hasn’t heard of Michael Jackson, so taking his popularity as a base, a lot of new artists have hit the spotlight, and some of them are really good…

Some three years ago, the Pop King’s fan club founder, Adrian Grant, conceived a show called Thriller – Live. It is an almost three-hour long musical featuring many of The Jackson 5’s popular songs, as well as the solo-work of Michael Jackson, who is played going through his life and career by six different people. This show was highly appreciated by Michael Jackson himself while he was still alive and he wished the best of luck to its creators. After his death, Thriller – Live gained even broader public interest which allowed the show to go on a world tour, the route of which fortunately goesthrough Riga.

You will have a chance to see one of the most popular West End musicals on the stage of Arena Riga. Don’t miss it, because this is a unique opportunity to bathe in the amazing atmosphere of certainly one of the greatest performers of our time.
The show will take place in Arena Riga on Dec. 12 and in Pramogu Arena in Vilnius on Dec. 13.