Amber therapy 's treatment at Baltic SPA

  • 2009-11-04
  • By Darja Kuznecova

RIGA - Amber is a unique stone found in the Baltic region. Well, actually, amber is not a stone, it is rather an amorphous, fossil tree resin. Great treatment features of these tree fossils can help you to recover from respiratory diseases, take off stress and improve blood circulation. There are several features of amber which can help you relax and protect your aura. It is known that Martin Luther carried a piece of amber, which he used against the formation of kidney stones.
Very popular to possess were amber rosaries. But most often amber was worn around the neck to improve the glands.

Treatment with amber has its own rules. Amber massage offers an effective program for relieving stress. Massage improves the circulation and enhances the sense of well being, increasing lymphatic drainage and de-toxing muscles. It is a type of litho therapy. With all the healing properties amber is believed to possess, it has much more distinct healing features than most stones. During the amber therapy session essential oils will be applied to your body, thus allowing you to relax before the treatment starts. After heating your body with oil, a massage with warm amber pieces of various sizes will put you back in shape. Sometimes amber therapy specialists use bags of amber beads.

The second phase of amber treatment includes massage of all free parts of the body. This phase starts with a regular massage and is followed by intermittent massage with bags of amber beads and with pieces of amber heated to a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius. The heat coming from these pieces of amber can penetrate up to a depth of 4 cm. During amber therapy blood circulation improves; in the vicinity of the point of your body affected by illness, cells start to function more actively. During massage blood and lymph nodes drain toxins and body waste. Moreover, the amber transfers its energy to the body of the patient using free electrons. At the same time skin is enriched with oxygen.

Amber therapy is most efficient for relieving stress, depression, for overall body relaxation and, what is its most important feature, its strong toning agent. The human body has particularly sensitive areas and biologically active points. When applying amber to these points, it is possible to treat different illnesses, including the ones related to disturbances of the nervous system.

Amber therapy - bioenergetic massage with Baltic amber - a great treatment caressing you from head to toe! Amber therapy - the treatment that gives you harmony with the surrounding world and lets you feel the taste of life.