Jurmala SPA 's wellness oasis in the heart of Jurmala

  • 2009-11-04
  • By Darja Kuznecova

RIGA - Recently we conducted a readers' poll about the best SPA hotel in the Baltic states. The poll was held in each of the Baltic states covering several categories: most friendly SPA center, most popular and democratic SPA center and the biggest SPA center.  We have several winners, because in each country we have leaders in the SPA area. In this edition we will tell you about one of the Latvian winners 's Jurmala SPA Hotel.

This hotel and SPA was the winner in the most popular and democratic SPA center category. Jurmala SPA Hotel is situated in the center of the health resort city of Jurmala. Hotel Jurmala was built in the beginning of the 1970's. During 2004 the hotel was reconstructed. The new, modern and beautiful SPA center was created. Since complete reconstruction in 2005, Hotel Jurmala SPA complies with the highest quality standards of international 4-star hotels, its star rating received in November 2006. Hotel facilities provide a wide range of recreational opportunities including spa and beauty treatments, gym services, saunas and pools. The hotel has been decorated using only natural materials 's wood and stone - to create a restful and relaxing atmosphere.

The strategy of the Hotel provides a most relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for the guests. Providing most friendly and democratic prices for all of the accommodation and SPA packages, the Hotel received its accreditation in the SPA business in the Baltic region. Jurmala SPA Hotel offers a wide range of beauty treatments for face and body, hairstylist services, manicure - pedicure, SPA capsules, five different saunas and three pools of different water temperatures, aerobics, a gym and more.

There are different massages which can help you treat the consequences of old injuries, improve your well-being and harmonize your body and soul. There are also unusual massages: children's massage, amber massage, tactile massage "butterfly touch," and a massage for pregnant woman.
Children's massage. Massage for children under 1 year old, this is designed in the way of special exercises for children's muscles. It gives tone and balance and improves the child's motor development. Massage for children aged 2 - 15 years is done using the classical massage techniques, but softer than on adults. The treatment improves blood circulation, recovers the increased or reduced tone, diminishes growing pains and balances the nervous system. Specialists use some flavor fragrances to calm the child.

Massage for pregnant woman. It is classical neck, shoulder and back area massage performed with gentle and relaxing movements, with special techniques provided especially for the pregnant woman. Massage relieves pain in the neck and back area, removes tension, balances the nervous system and improves mood.

Tactile Massage "Touch of butterflies" performed with very gentle stroking movements in a specific order 's from above downwards 's to restore the energy flow in the body. Good health is a condition when all internal and external processes are in balance. It is the basis for harmonious living. Gentle movement or tactile massage brings harmony to the physical body 's relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation and activating sensory receptors; Energetic body 's activating the energy flow in the body and around it. There is also emotional sphere 's soothing agitated minds.

Massage is recommended for all ages 's starting from the newly born baby to the elderly.
When you come to the sea-side at Jurmala don't forget to attend the SPA center to relax and improve your well-being.