The Circus is back in town

  • 2009-08-06
  • By TBT Staff

TALLINN - If you have not yet been to the circus performances by the Borro dynasty from Latvia, hurry up: George Junior is one of the best jugglers in the world, but George senior has a unique performance with German Great-Dane dogs.
For the first time in Estonia, International circus George Borro will present an original circus show, "Black and White."

The author and producer of the show, Borro Senior, with expressive circus instruments exposes the eternal philosophic theme 's an opposition of negative and positive, dark and light, hell and heaven, bad and good, black and white.
The show will feature circus stars from Latvia, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Canada and Italy. Such a variety of participants will give the audience a unique opportunity to compare circus skills of different countries.

The eight-meter high 'death-wheel' is an easy trick for a circus family from Hungary, as they perform juggling, headstands and tricks with their eyes closed at a height of 10 meters at high speed, causing the viewers to go numb with fear.
Equilibristic performances by German acrobats on air bicycles, and wonders of balance will take your breath away from the first minute.

German Great-Danes, after a five year circus tour in Europe, are back to their native Riga and are ready to surprise the audience with original tricks, beauty and power.
In his turn a unique juggler-virtuoso from Latvia will present one of the best juggling shows in the world, discovering all the performances with such unusual and unique juggling tricks and combinations of tricks, which have no analogy in other circuses.
A Canadian artist from the world-famous circus "Cirque du Soleil," is one of the most requested performing artists in the world today.

Awarded in several prestigious world festivals, she perfectly blends stunning acrobatics and pure art, giving birth to a new definition of Top Performer. So be prepared for an unforgettable artistic experience.

"Flying demons" and air gymnasts show perfectly their skills of flight. High levels of complexity of execution, sensational tricks, the performers are ready for you.
The extraordinary masterly staging of the show will be under the capable leadership of George Borro Senior. All of these, as well as a great number of surprises and, in fact, unique actions are expected right in front of the audience. You can be sure that dynamic and beautiful effects will leave you completely bewildered and amused!

The shows will be held in various cities in Estonia from Aug. 12 's 23.
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