Music Festival to rock Zasarai

  • 2009-08-06
  • By TBT staff

Rock and Roll: No room to sit down as the party goes on non-stop.

VILNIUS - Everyone likes to rock, and the Lithuanians can do it with the best of them.
Each year Rock Nights bring in hundreds of fans and musicians ready to stick it to the man…or really just listen to some good music. The Latvians, the Estonians, the Finns, the Germans, the Swedes and the Brits will all be here at Zarasas Island in Zarasai. Will you?
On the weekend of Aug. 7-8, rock music festival 'Rock Nights' will be different from previous years. Not only will bands from Scandinavian and the Baltic countries appear, but so too will there be a unique abundance of fun for rockers. Traditional team sports will not be the only fun. Rock karaoke, jugglers, rock movies and lots of other flurry types of fun.

"Until now 'Rock Nights' has been on top for their quality of music. However, we still had complaints for lack of activities at the festival. So this year we tried to make something original, something special just for our visitors," says 'Rock Nights 2009' producer Algirdas Barniskis-Bleka. "Everyone will be able to fill every minute of their time with something they like."
Lots of jollifications will be 'rockerish' as it should be in the 'Nights.' During the day everyone who wants to test their vocal skills will have a chance to take part in rock karaoke contests.
The 'Rock Nights TV' tent will hold its first Lithuanian rock television arranged games, discussions and singing of 'Rock Nights' hymns.

Friday and Saturday will attract movie and good music fans, with a movie about the bank 'Metallica' and many other legendary rock bands.
But of course the most important part of the party will remain the same - music. During two days of the festival, three stages will hold more than 30 known, young, original bands from Scandinavia and the Baltics. The main stars will be the folk metal band from Finland 'Korpiklaani,' Swedish industrial stars 'Deathstars' and punks from Helsinki 'Disco Ensemble.'
The final night of the festival will see the 'rokoteka' for those who still have too much energy after all the partying.

So, it is totally up to you to decide if the upcoming weekend is a good time to rock up your life!