Latvian Post may reduce delivery days

  • 2009-07-02
  • By TBT Staff
RIGA - Latvijas Pasts (Latvian Post) has announced that the postal service may reduce its delivery days in a bid to cut costs.
Latvijas Pasts PR head Inese Kreicberga told reporters that the volume of press subscriptions, postal deliveries and the income of Latvijas Pasts has been reduced, they are planning to switch to a five-day delivery week, from the now six day schedule.
The move coincides with many publications opting to publish their media fewer days 's in many cases also an attempt to save money.

The move to reduce the delivery days allows Latvijas Pasts to reduce costs significantly, said Kreicberga.
In order for these changes to become effective, a number of laws and regulations will need to be amended.
In addition to the plan to switch to postal deliveries five days a week, LP also plans to implement optimization and reorganization of the postal network as a budget saving measure.
According to LETA, Latvijas Pasts and media publishers are discussing the proposal of stopping Monday deliveries.

Arvils Aseradens of Diena daily told reporters that he wasn't yet sure if this was an admirable move.
"Each publisher understands that it is better to have a postal company that works at least a limited number of days each week than none at all, however, it is difficult to assess the decision without knowing the economic consequences that could follow," Aseradens said.
Aseradens said that in the event that a five day delivery was necessary, the paper would be in favor of keeping Saturday as a day of delivery and having Monday as a day off.
However, Mediju Nams publishing house Chairman of the Board Armands Puce stated that reducing the number of days when media and press is delivered might not give the desired or expected financial results.

Head of daily Lauku Avize Viesturs Serdans told reporters that the five day delivery cycle would be necessary due to the current financial situation for Latvijas Pasts, and that this may be the only option, good for both publishers and Latvijas Pasts.
In order to realize this plan of reorganization, Latvijas Pasts must work according to the Cabinet of Minster's described proposals should the decision be amended for any reason.