Usakovs to be nominated for Riga mayor

  • 2009-06-16
  • TBT Staff

Usakovs is currently a deputy in the Latvian Parliament

RIGA- At a meeting of Harmony Center and Latvia's FirstParty/Latvia's Way, leaders announced that they would nominate Harmony Center'sNils Usakovs for Riga mayor.

The Riga City Council will vote for a new mayor on July 1.Ainars Slesers will be nominated for deputy mayor.

In total, Harmony Center will have 26 seats on the Riga City Councilwhich, together with Latvia'sFirst Party/Latvia's Way's 12 seats, will give the group 38 of 60 member seatson the council.  

Usakovs received the most votes of individual candidates for mayor, with62,784 votes. Girts Valdis Kristovskis of the Civic Union party received 36,959with Slesers ending third with 27,801.   

Usakovs also received the greatest support of all individual candidates atthe Riga City Council elections - 62,784 voters gave Usakovs the plus mark intheir ballot papers.

More than half of the current Riga City Council members were not re-elected. 

Usakovs is already planning to cut staff at the Riga City Council.

"It will not be possible to reduce the social budget, therefore we will haveto look for other ways how to make savings," Usakovs said.

Usakovs as the new Rigamayor, would be responsible for most social matters, while Slesers would be incharge of economic matters.  

"The situation is difficult, we have a long winter ahead of us. Still, we areready to overcome the crisis," Usakovs said.