Fourth swine flu case confirmed in Estonia

  • 2009-06-09
  • TBT Staff Tallinn

Electron microscope image of the H1N1 influenza virus

TALLINN - A fourth case of swine flu in Estonia has been confirmed by the EstonianHealth Protection Inspectorate's (HPI) laboratory for infectious diseases.  

The newest case involves a man who has recently returned from a trip to the United States. Theday after his arrival in Estonia,he developed a high fever and flu symptoms.

The head of the office of epidemiological readiness at the HPI IrinaDontshenk, said that it was good that people who have traveled abroad seekmedical attention at the first sign of flu symptoms, the only way to stop thespread of the virus.

The laboratory for infectious diseases of the Estonian Health ProtectionInspectorate has tested 29 samples for possible infection with A(H1N1), alsodubbed swine flu, four of which have turned out positive, since the end ofApril.

Two people were reportedly infected while traveling the United States and the other two infected by contact with those already sick. The first threepatients have been treated successfully and released from the hospital.

Currently worldwide, over 25,000 cases of the swine flu virus have beenconfirmed, in 76 countries, 26 in Europe.