Estonia, Latvia not to participate in NATO exercise

  • 2009-04-22
  • TBT Staff

Despite Russian objections, 19 countries will participate in the military exercise

RIGA-Latvia and Estonia will not betaking part in the NATO exercise in Georgia this year.

The originally scheduled length of the exercise was from May 6- June 1,however the Latvian Defense Minstry said that that they cannot send troops. He said the reason is not financial.  

 "The situation is that we cannot send any additional peoplethere. The military exercise plan has already been approved and this exerciseis not in the plan," said Airis Rikveilis, head of the Defense Minister'soffice to BNS.

Though Russia has criticized the exercise, an estimated 1300 guests from 19 countries will beparticipating.

Georgia is not a NATOmember and the alliance rejected the status of candidacy for both Georgia and Ukraine in 2008. 

Embassy of Latvia is now the NATO Contact Point Embassy in Georgia for 2009-2010.