Going on a one day vacation

  • 2009-02-18
  • By Jana Belugina

GETTING OUT: Helsinki has become a popular place for Tallinners to take a weekend vacation.

TALLINN - When there is no time for a proper vacation, a simple change of scenery can be enough to feel rested and ready for another working week.

Most try to escape for the weekend 's going to the countryside, visiting friends or relaxing in spas. For those living in Tallinn, however, visiting the neighboring capital of Finland has for many years been a popular trend.
The distance between Tallinn and Helsinki is a bit more than 60 kilometers, making it closer than any other major city. So it is no surprise that on weekends the exchange of residents is a common occurrence 's Finns go to Tallinn and Estonians go to Helsinki.

Going to Helsinki usually means there will be no hassle with hotel bookings and transportation from the airport. Most plan for a one day trip, which is more than enough to feel relaxed and fully enjoy a new experience.
Ferries between the two capitals go almost every hour, regardless of the season of the year. The time it takes to make the trip varies from 1.5 hours to 3 hours on big and slow ships. But the trip itself is the beginning of the vacation.

The modern ferries provide any kind of entertainment that one could wish for: beauty treatments, sauna and Jacuzzi for the longer journeys or a delicious dinner with a live show and great shopping 's exactly enough to fit into a two hour trip.
Helsinki in turn provides a variety of things with which to enjoy oneself. First of all is shopping. H&M, a name familiar to every fashion obsessed girl, has shops located on every major street that attract customers with low prices and top fashion designs.

Flagship stores of Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Gucci, Longchapm, Wolford and the Finnish Marimekko are all located in the center. That is not to mention the great mix-boutiques, which sell a variety of brands at very attractive prices, especially compared to Tallinn.
After some great shopping it is time to grab a refreshing lunch with a glass of good wine at one of the great places located in the between the shops. The center of Helsinki is a Mecca for those fond of good food.
After all the shopping is done and the stomach is not crying for food anymore, it is best to relax and have some fun. Helsinki is famous for its Serena water entertainment center, but recently a new competitor has opened 's Flamingo wellness and spa.

Flamingo is located near the airport and is connected with a huge shopping mall where one can continue shopping after indulging in the mineral pool or steam saunas.
The Water Entertainment Park invites the bravest to try out its crazy rides from the water hills, play water polo or jump into the water from dizzying heights.
The Flamingo Spa is reserved for only those over 20 years of age, which eliminates all unnecessary noise in the warm baths and multiple saunas. A couple of hours will make anyone feel reborn, much like after a week of carefree vacation.

Now it is time to return to the harbor so as not to miss the last ferry, enjoy a nice dessert while watching the lights of Helsinki slowly fade away and start to plan the next visit.