Pampering body and soul in the middle of Tallinn

  • 2009-01-21
  • By Jana Belugina

HOT BODIES: The new spa, which has numerous saunas, is conveniently located right in the middle of the city.

TALLINN - It is part of human nature to always wish for something that we cannot have. A few days ago, it seemed that everyone in the country couldn't wait for the snow to arrive. Now that the land is blanketed in white and the temperature is well below zero, most people are looking for indoor activities to warm up.
Such is life. This time, however, you have the opportunity to drop by a relatively new place in Tallinn that will allow you to forget about cold wind and wet feet 's though you will still get wet.

Aqua Spa is a watery paradise located in the newest Tallink hotel at the harbor. The spa also plays host to a beauty salon that offers a variety of procedures 's but far more interesting are the other facilities available at this small island of pleasure in the heart of Estonia's capital city. 
Firstly, when planning a visit to Aqua Spa select a day when you can leave your phone and switch off your brain for a few hours in order to fully enjoy the atmosphere of total relaxation.
Throw a swimming suit in your bag and a couple of friends in the back seat of your car to have great company while enjoying a fresh cocktail in a hot bubbling Jacuzzi.

The poolside bar deserves special mention 's it is positioned conveniently so that you can get drinks without even leaving the water. Swim a few meters in the warm water from the waterfall to the bar stand, order any favorites that come to mind and relax in one of the couches with an underwater massage, or in one of the two Jacuzzis.
After a welcoming drink, it is time to continue on to friendly conversation in one of the saunas. There is quite a selection available. A Turkish sauna or steam sauna will wrap you up in the warming and wet smoke while you enjoy watching the star-ceiling.

The new spa also boasts what is probably the only real hammam sauna in Estonia, with a spacious marble couch in the middle that will let you slowly warm up all the cells of your tired body.
A smaller pool with colder water will help your refresh your mind after visiting the Finnish sauna and the massage shower, which will gently stimulate every millimeter of your skin.
The main swimming pool has an exit to the outdoor pool, where the brave ones can enjoy a game of catching falling snowflakes.

Children can be safe in the children's pool, where adults can watch them while laying down on one of the soft couches located around the pool.
Take some time off and allow yourself to restart your brain while indulging your body with the little pleasures of the calming and freshening water.