Pre- and after-party lounges in Tallinn

  • 2008-10-29
  • By Jana Belugina

GETTING READY: Tallinn has a slew of laid-back bars perfect for either getting the party started or wrapping it up.

TALLINN - Tallinn is famous for its nightlife, and there has been a lot written about the city's restaurants and night clubs. Less well known, however, are some of the more laid back places around town that are ideally suited for kicking off a long night of partying.

The one to start with would have to be Lounge 24, an absolutely astonishing place on the top floor of the Radisson SAS hotel with a breathtaking view over the city. The lounge has a spacious sitting area inside able to accommodate 60 people and a huge open terrace 's a real paradise in the summer. Even with the temperature starting to drop, it is very nice to sit outside wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of hot cappuccino and watch the fussy life of the business district about 90 meters down.

Lounge 24 serves great food and fabulous desserts, and has a very good selection of wines. It is famous for both its alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, for example the bar provides a long list of selected teas 's this is one of the rare places in town that has fresh blueberry tea, which goes perfectly with hot chocolate cake.
Right on the edge of the Old Town lies Kaheksa Lounge. Kaheksa means "eight" in Estonian, though the symbol is seen by some as an infinity mark, which reflects the quality of the place very well. It has been here for ages and remains just as popular as it was on the first day. Kaheksa Lounge has great food and freshly squeezed juices during the day, alongside fantastic cocktails and music during the nights. It is the best place to go for those planning to continue their night in the Hollywood club, located next door.

Another famous lounge can be found in the Prive Night Club, called "Stereo" and famous for its unique design, it is often called "white bar." Many interior design magazines have written about it and many fashion photo shootings were done there. Light snacks and great cocktails will give you enough energy to last till the morning, dancing to the music of popular DJ's playing each weekend in both Stereo Lounge and Prive itself.
Deja Vu on the Sauna Street is definitely the most happening lounge in the down-town area. They have everything a person could dream of: delightful food, a rich drink selection and probably the best mojitos in town. This is a unique place where it is possible to start the party, grab some dinner at around 8 p.m., and then stay all night 's the lounge hosts quite a few famous parties. Or come back for the after-party breakfast at around 4-5 a.m.

And the last place, regardless of its name, is the "First lounge," located on the Rataskaevu Street. This place is open the latest of all. That's the place to come around 5-6 a.m. for those who last till the night clubs are closed and want to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee and great Italian pasta before calling it a day and getting off to bed.