Tight-wire artists invade Sereikiskiu Park

  • 2007-09-05
  • By Kimberly Kweder

HANGING IN THE BALANCE: Unlike the typical one-person tight-wire act, Les Colporteurs dares to have several artists performing together, often on the same wire.

VILNIUS - During the recent Capital Days festival, Vilnius residents got to witness Didier Pasquette's dramatic tight-wire crossing of Cathedral Square in the rain. As if that weren't mystifying enough, an entire circus of tight-wire artists will soon be bringing their act to a tent in Sereikiskiu Park for two astounding performances.
Les Colporteurs, a French circus troupe directed by Antoine Rigot, will be putting on their latest show  "The Wire Under Snow," on Sept. 7 - 8. The 90-minute performance features acrobats walking and dancing along eight wires, crossing at various heights and directions.

Kristina Savickiene, spokeswoman for Arts Printing House, one of the event's backers, told The Baltic Times that what makes this circus unique is that it's not full of animals and clowns. Instead it focuses on the art of seven acrobats playing a balancing act together on a single, 12-millimeter wide steel cable.
"It is quite an unusual thing because [tight-wire] is usually solo or in duets. [The artists] must feel each others' balance so well," Savickiene said.

"We think it's important for people to get acquainted with this new form of art because it's mixed with contemporary dance, physical theater, traditional circus and live music... improvisation of music," she added.
Les Colporteurs, a troupe based in Saint Thome, France, was founded in 1996 by world-famous tight-wire duet Antoine and Agathe Rigot. After a serious accident in 2000 impaired Antoine's ability   to perform, a team of young acrobats asked him to hold workshops and direct a performance for them.
In a text on Les Colporteurs's Web site, Antoine states that his work as a director has given him hope and a new life in the acrobatic world.

"In working with younger tight-wire walkers and sharing this passion, hidden sensations have come back to me 's sensations I had thought long-forgotten ... Together, today, we have created a show exploring the emotions, obstacles and challenges we find scattered throughout life ..., " he said.
Since 2002, the Arts Printing House has organized international performances and festivals in Vilnius. Last September, French juggler Jerome Thomas held three sold-out performances at the same park.
Savickiene said she's looking forward to another sell-out crowd for Les Colporteurs' two performances.
"It's the beginning of the fall season. The weather is still nice for having this in the park," she

New Circus Weekend
September 7 and 8,  6:00 p.m.
Chapito, Sereikiskiu Park, Vilnius