Muuga Port to grow corporate park

  • 2007-07-11
  • From wire reports

PORT DEVELOPMENT: The first buildings of the planned 78.2-hectare corporate park should be ready next year.

TALLINN - Muuga Port might become the site of the largest corporate park in the Baltics, according to a real estate consultancy charged with developing the port.
Mariliis Sepper, project manager at Colliers International, which is selling plots in the corporate park, told the Baltic News Service that the development project for the corporate park, which boasts 78.2 hectares, belongs to Keltic Global Estonia, an Irish-owned company.
In addition to constructing facilities for industrial enterprises, Keltic Global Estonia is planning to build a hotel and spa as well as a shopping center. The name of the park is likely to be Northshore Corporate Park, Sepper said.

The first buildings of the corporate park are planned to be ready in one year, Sepper said.
"The initial plan is that the detailed area plan will be endorsed in November. Construction of technical infrastructure will start early next year," she added.
It will also be possible to build a new railway branch line to serve companies in the park, Sepper said. In collaboration with Maardu, a nearby town, the developer will build a wastewater main line at the edge of the corporate park to serve the entire neighborhood, the Colliers International manager said.
Moreover, the intersection of St. Petersburg Road and Uleoru Road is going to be reconstructed as a two-level intersection.

Parallel to this, Muuga Port is planning to develop the eastern part of the port in the coming years by reclaiming 66 hectares of land from the sea and building 1,200 meters of new wharves.
Sepper said that Colliers International is representing the corporate park in Estonia under a contract. The consultancy is beginning the sale of plots in the corporate park this month.
Plots in the park vary from 5,000 square meters to 20,000 square meters in size and prices start from 100 euros per square meter.

Muuga Port is part of the Port of Tallinn.