TBT recommends - 2007-01-31

  • 2007-01-31
Feb. 10 's 17:00
The Fire and Ice show may very well be Tallinn's greatest spectacle of the year. This week, the two archaic elements will be celebrated in traditional pagan style. From raging bonfires to elegant ice sculptures, the show is a true Baltic rarity. The festival begins at 17:00 on Harju St. with an outdoor exhibit of ice-sculptures beneath a sky of fireworks and then moves on to Harju Hill, where gigantic straw figures will be set ablaze. Just make sure the kiddies don't get too close.
More info: www.valgusfestival.ee

EROTS 2007
Feb 16 's 17
For those who've "grown bored" of Riga's ubiquitous strip clubs, now's the chance to see something truly risque. The annual erotic fair Erots 's the largest in the Baltics - is back. This year, erotic performers from across the world will put Latvia's reputed beauties to the test. What's more, visitors can wander through seemingly endless booths of erotic lingerie, posters, photos, music, videos, literature, tattoos, films and even check in for a massage. Let's face it, Erots is as steamy (or sleazy) as it gets. You'll either love it or hate it. It's that simple.
More info: www.ticketservice.lv

Feb. 1
The Baltic Basketball League's All-star Game is one of the year's most anticipated. In addition to a spectacular match between Baltic and foreign stars, Kaunas Arena will be host to a 3-point shooting competition and slam dunk contest. But that's not the only reason fans show up. There's also the chance 's on Feb. 3 - for spectators to put their b-ball skills to the test and win a free Toyota Corolla. Now that's what we call incentive.
More info: www.bbl.net