Pocius resigns as security chief

  • 2006-12-26
  • By TBT staff
VILNIUS - State Security Department Director General Arvydas Pocius submitted his resignation to President Valdas Adamkus on Dec. 22, after the head-of-state questioned Pocius' suitability for the position.

Pocius will stay on until a new security chief is appointed. "The date of Pocius' resignation is not important to the president, as he will be able to present Parliament with his decree on Pocius' dismissal only after he finds a candidate," the president's spokeswoman said.

He added that, although the president could appoint one of Pocius' deputies as acting director of the State Security Department, "he does not intend to do so."

The security chief is appointed and dismissed by the president with Parliament's approval.
On Dec. 21, Adamkus stated that Pocius could no longer expect support from Parliament and suggested that the Security Department search for a new security chief.

The president also criticized the National Security and Defense Committee's investigation conclusions, saying that he was disappointed about "superficial attitudes" toward problems within the State Security Department.

Adamkus also proposed forming a task force to develop effective coordination policies for the special services.
Last week, Parliament approved conclusions by the National Security and Defense Committee after it investigated the State Security Department's activities.

The conclusions stated that there were many imperfections in the department's work and that its director general was neither capable of properly organizing SSD work nor heading the department.