Police open case against Werol

  • 2006-07-05
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - Estonian police have started criminal proceedings against the rapeseed oil producer Werol Tehased on suspicion that it directed misused assets.

According to the Eesti Paevaleht daily, the case will also probe falsification of documents after the firm's former chief accountant Kaja Parn claimed that CEO Henn Ruubel wanted her to cook the company's books at a time when the company was facing bankruptcy 's specifically to backdate contracts and destroy some papers.
So far no one has been interrogated. Thus far the criminal proceeding was launched not against a concrete person but with regard to the facts, prosecutors said.

As the Tartu County Court has started bankruptcy proceedings against the state-owned rapeseed oil producer on the basis of a petition by debt collecting companies Julianus Inkasso and Inkasso Consultcenter, the firm's day-to-day business is supervised by provisional bankruptcy trustee Ene Ahas.
Ahas is to prepare for the court by July 10 a report on the firm's economic situation and whether there are elements of crime in its executives' previous activity. She admitted that the ex-accountant's allegations compelled her to scrutinize Werol's previous economic activity with special care.

Last week the board of the rapeseed oil producer lodged a protest against Ahas' work with the higher-level Tartu Circuit Court. This means that the court could replace the trustee before she has been able to finish her report. o