Where food is prepared with love

  • 2006-05-10
  • by Karina Juodelyte
VILNIUS - When after a busy week I ended up in Sue's Indian Raja for dinner, all I wanted was peace and good food to chase away restless thoughts. Many people make reservations a week in advance here, but somehow I still got a table even though I had only made a call that day. Without any waiting I was shown my table and my weekend began.

The interior seems to have been shipped straight from India: carved iron tables and chairs, statues of gods and cows. The waitresses wear saris and Indian music is played constantly. There're no incense burning here, so you can enjoy all of the food's rich aromas. The spices tickled my nose. The menu has a lot of meat dishes, but it's also a paradise for vegetarians. There're spicy and mild dishes. It may be difficult to choose if you're not an expert of Indian cuisine, but the waitresses always explain things. I had chicken tikka masala, rice and the Indian bread, naan on the side.

I am not sure if I just happened to order the best dish in the restaurant or if all the other dishes are just as good, but I was happy my weekend began in the best possible way. I've never eaten such tender meat in my life. I believe the cook, who wore a red turban on his head, knew that because he kept coming out of the kitchen to watch the guests eat. He reminded me of a good-natured character from a children's book. It seems that Sue's Indian Raja exists in another dimension, allowing you to enjoy the food as long as you wish. One dish is enough even if you are really hungry.

With the right company, the dinner might last you for two hours. The dinner of chicken tikka masala for 23 litas (6.66 euros), steamed rice (5 litas), naan (4 litas) and good atmosphere (priceless) cost me a total of 32 litas. I may not come back everyday, but I will come back again. But for now I am perfectly happy with chicken tikka masala. It's a pity I won't be able to cook it at home, but maybe it's all for the best 's there is nothing better than eating good food prepared with love and no dishes to wash after dinner.

Sue's Indian Raja
Odminiu St. 3, Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 261 12 09